Governor Lamont To Cut The Library Ribbon

Tomorrow’s fun, festive Westport Library Transformation Project ribbon-cutting ceremony just got more high-powered.

Governor Lamont has agreed to do the honors.

The event starts promptly at 11 a.m. Everyone will gather on Jesup Green, at the new “Grand Staircase.”

Andrew Wilk will introduce First Selectman Jim Marpe. He’ll say a few words, and introduce the governor.

The new Jesup Green grand staircase.

After the ribbon-cutting, the Hartford Hot Several Brass Band will play. They’ll lead the crowd into the new Library. The Forum will be the site of the first official event: a few short words from Library board president Iain Bruce, project architect Henry Myerberg, and executive director Bill Harmer.

Then comes 5 hours of interactive fun. Bands, artists, live podcasts, a performance by world-renowned/Westport neighbor pianist Frederic Chiu, children’s music, discussions, acoustic guitar, dance, exhibits, MakerSpace demos — that and much more is in store.

See you at the Grand Staircase!

10 responses to “Governor Lamont To Cut The Library Ribbon

  1. Wanda Tedesco

    Ask him to resurface the post road through Westport while he is here. On second thought drive him over the pot holes.

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    • Richard Fogel

      Ok . I have no doubt that every where you go,every state,in your own home ,every thing runs perfect? smooth? Maybe if we had an infrastructure plan that might help??

  2. Michael Calise

    Connecticut needs a new governmental foundation unfortunately you can not build one in a swamp! And here is the evidence A well run town with a top rate 1st Selectman and administration gets bumped from the festivities by a visit from the governor who takes front stage. A visit is always appreciated but staying on the sidelines and applauding the achievements would be far more appreciated.

  3. I hear he wants to put a toll booth at the library parking lot

  4. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Maybe the Governor would be interested in purchasing a digital tile.

  5. Bart Shuldman

    Did the state give any money towards the Library construction project?

  6. He is the Great Grandson of Thomas W. Lamont. Lamont, helped Harvard University build the first library in the country specifically for undergraduates. Lamont Library is still one of the most used libraries on campus.

    Did he bring up his library bona fides?

    • Bart Shuldman

      So what he comes from a family that did something at Harvard. Clearly he has been lucky to be born in such a family.

      But this is Westport and has nothing to do with Harvard. What the celebrate should be is the dedication of the town and the donors who believed in the Westport library. First Selectman Marpe and the donors and people like Rob Haroun who gave their time and money.

      But enjoy Lamont and his tolls and his inability to FIX THE PROBLEM in CT. He failed miserably with the budget and it’s still not balanced. What a failure who I needed some attention