Pics Of The Day #793

On Monday, 5th graders from Greens Farms Elementary School had an “after-graduation party” at Compo Beach.They just hung out, enjoying the setting sun away from their parents, close to friends who will disappear for the summer. They’ll return as middle school students in late August. Meanwhile … (Photo/Nico Eisenberger)

Here’s the flip side of life at Compo. Too many people don’t pick up after themselves. This was the scene yesterday morning: a Parks & Rec employee doing what all of us should do ourselves whenever we are at the beach. (Photo/Matt Murray)

6 responses to “Pics Of The Day #793

  1. Katherine O'Brien

    Before anyone tries to disparage the GFS kids or their parents, you should note that both GFS and SES had year end parties in front of the playground and cleaned up after themselves. The second photo appears to be South Beach, from a completely unrelated party.

    • No one is trying to disparage GFS or SES kids or their parents. Nothing in the caption made any reference to those schools. It’s clear from the photo — beer cans and Solo cups — that that was not an elementary school party.

      • Katherine O'Brien

        Just want to preempt before someone tried to link the two. To me it was obvious, but unfortunately people sometimes jump to conclusions.

  2. Susan Iseman

    On my morning walks, I sometimes pass through the Town Farm baseball fields on North Compo and see similar scenes often – empty cups, bottles, cans & food debris scattered about the picnic tables and bleachers. All with empty trash cans just a few feet away.

  3. Richard Fogel

    It is all over town. If you walk around Staples athletic fields and Bedford fields before construction recently started there are bottles galore. The students throw whatever they want on the field and track. I have witnessed the coaches picking it up several times. When the pafents bring oranges and snacks for games the children throw it on the ground. There is not much emphasis on decency anymore. Dirtying and polluting the USA is in vogue. Read about the EPA rollbacks. One issue is local.. The other I mention is federal. They should work together.

    • I agree, Richard. As Staples boys soccer coach, I make sure our team cleans up after ourselves — but not all sports teams using the facility do. I regularly spend 10-15 minutes before practice cleaning up the area. But it’s not only bottles from kids. It’s coffee cups and newspapers from parents sitting in the stands. And dog poop from dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets. Kids often follow their parents’ lead.