Pic Of The Day #790

Westport is decked out in purple, for Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Week. Through Saturday, Tavern on Main features a violet gin cocktail; LaRouge by Aarti handmade chocolates is donating 10% of sales of purple hand-painted chocolates to Alzheimer’s Connecticut, and Spotted Horse will donate 20% of sales on Thursday, while featuring a specialty Purple People Eater cocktail.

(Photo/Marcy Sansolo)

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #790

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    This is really nice. Awareness and giving is always helpful.

    I’ve lost several close relatives to Alzheimer’s, or similarly related dementia type diseases.

    They were not all blood relatives, but heck, family all the same.

    It’s a train wreck situation, and when it happens to someone in your life, it’s heartbreaking.

    Sometimes, I really don’t want to see “purple” or “reminders” of this. But I love that there are efforts to support causes to prevention … or whatever these group charities are supporting.

    I know that I’ve never seen or received or felt the fruits of these labors, in my own experiences.

    I’ve just seen a flawed and failing medical institution (in my case), where the cause was never fully addressed … only the effect. And that’s when it was too late.

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