It All Depends On What “Any Time” Means

Seen at Wakeman Field:

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

If you’re going to ignore the sign, at least park a few yards away. That way you can at least “pretend” you didn’t see it.

9 responses to “It All Depends On What “Any Time” Means

  1. This is actually what I love and appreciate about westport. I’m from Los Angeles and if you even park one inch over a designated line they ticket you $300! Fuzzy parking rules = relaxed society.

  2. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Hmmmm. Looks like one is a “foreign” plate…perhaps the rules are different there?

  3. Arthur Hayes

    My personal favorite – Long Lots School on any Soccer Saturday.

    Arthur Hayes (917) 365-1440


  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Soooo, ticketed?

    Well, probably not.

    But hey, if there was a game, and not enough parking, then this is certainly not unusual … or even a “real” issue, in the grander scheme of things going on all over our planet.

    But still … kinda dick-ish?


    • Sharon Paulsen

      Oh wait, it’s been so long … is Wakeman Farm currently a baseball/recreational field?

      I had a brain freeze here, ugh!!

      (OMG, I’m kinda embarrassed).

      Man, I need to revisit my roots of Westport, for sure!

      Absence makes the heart grow fonder … but it also tends to forget shit! 😂

  5. Yes, Wakeman is now the site of athletic fields (between the farm and Bedford Middle School, aka the Nike site). BTW, photographer Mark Mathias said there were actual, real parking spots available nearby.

  6. Jack DeWitt

    Hey Dan, I don’t believe you have the full context. This picture was taken the night of Bedford’s Moving Up Ceremony. CMS was also celebrating their moving up ceremony at Staples. Needless to say, parking was madness. Cars were parked along the grass, in the newly mulched beds, and in far more egregious parking “spots.” When I walked by and noticed these two cars… there were cars along both sides.