Lindsay Dry: Peace, Love And Posters

Lindsay Dry was born more than 30 years after Woodstock.

Lindsay Dry

But she sure gets the “peace, love and happiness” vibe that (kind of) filled Max Yasgur’s farm that historic August weekend in 1969.

So when Lindsay — a Staples High School senior in Carla Eichler’s graphic design class — heard about a “Peace, Love and Posters” national contest commemorating the original bird-on-guitar logo (“and visually expressing values of kindness, community and aspirations for the next 50 years”), she went to work.

And what a work she created! Lindsay won 1st place — and $500 — in the 18-and-under category.

Lindsay Dry’s award-winning poster …

The other day, she was honored at a ceremony by the sponsor, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. The 800-acre campus — located on the actual Woodstock site — focuses on community and educational programming. The goal is to keep the issues and lessons of the ’60s alive, while inspiring a new generation to contribute positively to the world.

Far out!

… and the original.

8 responses to “Lindsay Dry: Peace, Love And Posters

  1. Joanne Heller

    Congratulations Lindsay! You created a beautiful poster.

  2. Outstanding. It is so evocative—it looks like it could have been an original design for a sixties festival back in the day.

  3. Irene Mastriacovo

    Boss! Groovie! Kool! Far out! Worth much more than $500. Keep up the great work Lindsay!

  4. What an impressive designer by our talented granddaughter! Congratulations again on being the great artist that you are.

  5. Actually “an impressive DESIGN by our talented granddaughter”! 😉

  6. Jennifer Rosenwald

    Outstanding piece for peace! Congratulations…and thank you.

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, I love this!

    Can’t stop looking at it!

    Time to make a line of t-shirts with this logo on it perhaps? 😉

  8. Hanne Jeppesen

    Brings back memories. I was living in New York City that summer, having left Westport late 1968 after spending 2 years there as an au pair from Denmark. I was renting an apartment with other European young women, and working in an office. I did not go to Woodstock, and none of my friends did either. Never the less I love a lot of the music from that Festival, and often listen to it on u tube, especially, Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane, Santana, the Who and Richie Havens, and others. Say what you will about the sixties the music was unsurpassed, never get tired of it.