Head’s Up: South Beach Bathroom Opens Tomorrow

Construction is finished. Plumbing is installed. Toilet paper is stocked.

Starting tomorrow, the new bathrooms at Compo Beach’s South Beach are good to “go.”

(Photo/Matt Murray)

Countless folks will sigh with relief, as they relieve themselves just a few steps across the also-new, already-well-used, keep-pedestrians-and-strollers-off-the-road walkway.

See you there!

19 responses to “Head’s Up: South Beach Bathroom Opens Tomorrow

  1. Vanessa Wilson

    The building is too brightly lit at night. The lighting makes it stand out too much and it looks odd both from boats on the sound and from the perspective of beachgoers and neighbors in the Compo area.

  2. Great job by all at the Rec dept. Everyone should appreciate the improvements they have made and it was not easy. I’m putting on my speedo and taking the first shower in that cool little structure 🙂

    • Hey Skip..Do it sans speedo..And please don’t be hanging around there late at night.

      • Kevin McCaul

        Don’t think this is funny, Dave. We don’t want another Sherwood Island men’s restroom “situation”.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    For some reason, I had imagined this to be built in matching brick, to compliment the original charm of the bathhouse and Joey’s.

    Certainly would have been more storm and flood worthy too.

    If this is a cedar wood, at least that might help stave off rotting, bugs, and any mold that will happen as soon as this thing sees its first flood.

    Oh well, nice to have the long awaited convenience, at least for now.

  4. Sandra Lefkowitz

    and it even looks good.-

  5. Jonathan L Maddock

    I wish that was there when I fished for flat fish (AKA flounder) back in the 1960’s on the stretch between the boat ramp and the harbor entrance.

  6. Jay Walshon MD FACEP

    This structure is an unnecessary destructive travesty – and OVERWHELMINGLY our Town residents knew it. Now completed it will long stand as a testiment of Town Hall cronyism and its imposition of will upon the taxpayers who have been forced to fund this boondoggle. There were far more prudent, responsible, appropriate and safer options available that gave way to expediency and blatant favoritism, while ignoring the desire of the people who cherish Compo Beach. Now the Town residents will truly recognize all the adverse consequences that have been imposed upon them – all for the sake of having three $280,000 toilets.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      So you’re saying you won’t be using them? At least they got the right permits *before* building the bathrooms.

    • Jonathan L Maddock

      Well, isn’t better than peeing in Long Island Sound?

    • Jonathan L Maddock

      I’m sorry. I apologize. It just struck me funny, ’cause when I was 10 years old and flat fishing we’d never hike to the far-away rest rooms. Just kind of wade into the water, ya know? That’s what 10 year old boys do.

  7. Bart Shuldman

    Thank you for all that worked to make the bathrooms happen. As someone who uses the BBQ’s, this is a much needed addition to this side if the beach.

    The new sidewalks are great too!!

    Thank you.


  8. Kelly Arciola

    The Structure looks great and fits in well down there. It is not too small nor too big. The Town did a great job as well as the new sidewalk. It’s nice to see great progress at Compo.

  9. Jay Walshon MD FACEP

    Elizabeth, I hate to burst your bubble but upon examination of documents, meeting minutes, archived video, and public testimony, the permits for that restroom appear to be based upon falsified documents, misleading assertions, public deception and expenditure violations. That is how those permits were obtained.

    As a Westport resident and taxpayer, one would hope that these apparent Town shenanigans are important to you.

  10. Sharon Paulsen

    A short reply to Jonathan Maddock’s comment, plus a longer general comment:

    “That’s what ten year old boys do”.

    Sure, gotcha. But how about what ten year old girls do? Ah, not so much of an option … because, “OMG, girls can’t do THAT in public”.

    Plus, we women, in case anyone has forgotten, have in fact have to “endure” menstrual periods, every single month, for most of our lives. So, the world has never been much of an accommodation to that fact.

    Just saying. Double standard applies to how (and where) women (and female kids) can pee/defecate/change bloody tampons or pads.

    It ain’t no free-for-all adolescent rodeo for us, fellas.

    This is in no way celebrating this current structure, not because it’s isn’t a nice convenience, but because I feel like it was a costly installation, without consideration of longevity … due to climate disasters happening pretty much every waking day.

    Anyone ever consider constructing a hurricane and tornado and flooding worthy building?

    Like, a dome structure perhaps?

    I feel like we, as a society, are missing the the point … missing the big gigantic picture that’s right in front of our faces.

    This cute little cape-cod-esque “shack” won’t last the next big storm, without more taxpayers cost to “repair”.

    Can someone please take a look at the big gigantic picture? And take every human soul into account when making “decisions”?


    • Jonathan L Maddock

      “Sure, gotcha. But how about what ten year old girls do? Ah, not so much of an option … because, “OMG, girls can’t do THAT in public”.”

      10 year old girls…why not? I had no intent on being gender exclussive, I was reflecting on what I was in 1965. BTW, no offense taken.

      On the actual structre, I like its looks. I’m not so sure about its longevity nor price tag. Is it hooked into the sewage system, or does it have a tank that needs to be periodicall pumped?
      I hope it lasts a lot longer than some predictions.


  11. Jennifer Rankine

    Ouch, maybe a little TMI on the bodily functions. FEMA compliance should addresses the structural concerns, as described in this “frequently asked questions” about the South Beach bathrooms. https://www.westportct.gov/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=16099

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Yeah, you’re right … that was gross.

      Sorry everyone … I got really ranty yesterday … displaced annoyance on my part.

      Thanks for the FEMA info Jennifer.

  12. Chris Marcocci

    Just stopped to check them out. They are nice however, There are only 4 bathrooms?? At 1 million that’s 250k per bathroom. Why not similar to the existing bathrooms with multiple stalls and urinals for men and women?