A Guy In A Black Porsche Sees A Lemonade Stand…

If you wanted lemonade yesterday, you were in luck.

Over 30 stands popped up throughout county. They were part of the 6th annual Angel-Ade, a fundraiser for the great Al’s Angels children’s charity.

Then there was the stand on the corner of Stoneboat and Red Coat Roads.

It’s not the most well-traveled spot in town. But 4 neighborhood kids — 9-year-olds Sophie Chan and Jessica Selzer, and 6-year-olds Torey Chan and Jacob Selzer — decided to raise money for St. Jude’s.

They sold fruit cups for $2, cookies (2 for $2), and lemonade ($1).

The young lemonade stand proprietors. (Photo/Frank Rosen)

A guy in a black Porsche 911 drove past. He slowed down, circled back, got out and talked with the kids.

He bought a lemonade, and handed them $100.

Jessica said she could not break the bill.

He told her: “Keep the change.”

The Selzers’ mom Jodi said, “We never met this man before. We were shocked by his generosity.”

The kids raised $215. Chances are, for the rest of their lives they’ll never forget that great $100 gift, from a man they did not even kn0w.

(Hat tip: Frank Rosen)

12 responses to “A Guy In A Black Porsche Sees A Lemonade Stand…

  1. Mark Yurkiw

    Our children learn by our example, it’s the only thing we can teach them…
    the rest of the time we keep them in school.

  2. Karen Como

    LOVE THESE STORIES!make sure u tell us,when ELVIRAS opens!!can’t wait.  I’ll buy u breakfast if you r therekaren como Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  3. Susan Hopkins


  4. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Beautiful. Just plain beautiful. Yes, they will remember this all their lives and it just might inspire them to act generously in their futures.

  5. Irene Mastriacovo

    Great Story! A FIVE STAR Rating — one for each!!

  6. Jalna Jaeger

    I Always stop for lemonade stands! Great story Dan!

  7. Thanks for covering our lemonade stand, Dan!

  8. Rebecca Ellsley

    Great job kids ! I too had a stand back in the day on Red Coat and Calvery (also a quite area) a black limo stopped bought everyone lemonade and Girl Scout cookies made $80 was Leon Hirsch he gave me a $50. Still to this day I always stop and give a big donation.

  9. Sharon Paulsen

    That’s awesome!

  10. Roseann Caruso

    This is a great story! Both the Chan and Selzer kids all know that…”Kindness is Key!”