The Sorriest Thief In Westport

Just when you think you’ve heard everything, you read Debra Kandrak’s post on Facebook’s Westport Front Porch page.

And you wonder what the hell is going on in our world. She writes:

I am posting this because I cannot believe that someone would stoop so low as to steal plants from an Adopt-a-Spot.

I had 4 vibrant blue grasses recently stolen from my spot. An Adopt-a-Spot is town-owned, but maintained by town residents or local businesses. All plants, mulch and labor are borne by the individual or company. It’s time-consuming, but I consider it a labor of love because I believe in giving back to my community.

I find it shocking that in this well to do community someone would do such a thing. But I hold no grudges, because I believe in karma. What is disheartening to me is that these plants were given to me by my friend. They came from her garden when she moved to Florida, and were her gift to me.

I wish now that I planted them in my yard. 

Here is a photo from last year …


… and this:


23 responses to “The Sorriest Thief In Westport

  1. Any chance these were removed by the town for some reason?

  2. Unfortunately, nothing surprised me in this word. They obviously had it planned out, as it obviously couldn’t be done in the middle of the day. That just…sucks.

    • Actually, it probably could have been done in the middle of the day. Nobody would have thought twice about seeing people “working” on the garden at that location.

  3. Yvonne Ferris

    That is terrible ! But should not assume it was someone that lives in Westport!!!

  4. I am sorry for your loss. Did they come up this year or did they not make it. We have had a very wet spring. Could it be that it was Mother Nature that stole them?

  5. Eleanor Sasso

    The grasses and the sentiment are precious💕.
    I can guarantee you that this was done by a ‘non resident and probably at night.
    Most unfortunately, the few communities left that are beautiful need our protection.

    • Dermot Meuchner

      You can guarantee it wasn’t a Westport citizen? You must be psychic then. Maybe you should have seen it coming.

    • Peter Gambaccini

      You cannot possibly make the guarantees you claim to make.

  6. Caroline Howe

    Karma, baby. Maybe they’ll get a tick bite from the grasses and develop some hideous disease. Sounds harsh but a very piggish thing to do. Could have been anyone — even from Westport.

  7. William Adler

    The only thing that stops a bad gardener with a watering can is a good gardener with a watering can. Stealing those plants really is the lowest. Thank you for volunteering you time and talents! : – )

  8. Brad French

    Those blue fescue grasses tend to die out. I stopped planting them. Very poor results.

  9. Bob Stalling

    Looks like a few new plantings since the first photo. (day lilies?), so some work has been done there…
    Could the grasses have been damaged by snow plows over the winter (or possible salt damage) and removed this spring?
    They look like they were close to the edge of the road…

  10. Debra Kandrak

    The grasses have been there for two years. This year they were larger than last and I had planned on replanting them to give them more room to grow. I am the only person who works on the spot and occasionally my gardener will help me. I called the town to see if anyone had removed them and was told no. So in as much as we hate to believe that someone actually took them…I’m afraid that this is what happened.

  11. Nancy Engel

    I can believe that someone would steal plants from an Adopt-A-Spot because there is a thief or thieves who are stealing grave decorations and plants in Assumption Cemetary on Greens Farm Road! In February  an 18 inch live balsam  was stolen from my husband’s grave along with the decorative terracotta pot used to keep it upright. In April the 4 foot tall solar garden butterfly was taken from his grave- it had been placed by his grandchildren shorty after his death. Around Easter artificial flowers, a chrysanthemum, an Army Corps of Engineers flag and a heart shaped stone painted by his grandchildren were taken from a friend’s nearby grave. You have to wonder what kind of a person steals decorations and plants placed on loved ones graves…oh! the same kind who steals plants from an Adopt-A-Spot!  Nancy Engel

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  12. Sharon Paulsen

    I keep thinking that the “backstory” behind this action has to be interesting.

    I mean, if you think about it, why would someone risk jail time (or fines, or whatever), for those grasses.

    And take on the task of digging them up, which isn’t a quickie process if the root system is well developed, adding to the chance of getting caught! (I had tons of varieties on my old property, and would split them every spring. Needed an ax sometimes to break through! By the time I left ten years later, most of my landscape had bundles of grasses … very “beachy”, though I was unfortunately landlocked, LOL).

    It certainly wouldn’t be worth the cost if they, say, wanted to resell them somehow (anyone desperate for cash, for instance).

    So, it just doesn’t add up … it doesn’t even fit the mold of some “teenage antics/vandalism”.

    So … here goes: someone is living in less than wonderful conditions, but appreciates pleasant surroundings. They’re broke. Maybe living in an apartment. Maybe it has a terrace/balcony/small patio. Maybe they covet the beauty of the landscape seen at those intersections. Maybe they don’t realize that it’s not town money, but individuals money and efforts. So, they took a shot, and got away with it. End Scene! 😂

    • Debra Kandrak

      The grasses could have easily been removed with a spade. They only grow about a foot tall. These are not those tall beach grasses, they are short grasses that are blue in color. So someone could have removed them in a matter of minutes with very little effort.

  13. Joan Tricarico

    Didn’t someone steal the plants from in front of Tutti’s a few years ago

  14. Russell Janice

    So sorry people don’t have respect, this is something I also have a problem with in very similar way .I wish people would grow up and realize how far this lack of respect is ,very disappointed in how it is overlooked that some have a heart to put warmth in their paths.

  15. Melissa Ceriale

    The grasses in your photo look like they might be Blue Fescue. They look great for the first couple of years then then they get weak. If someone stole them, you would most likely have seen 4 holes there. There is a high chance that they just didn’t survive the transplant. Just my 2 cents worth. On another note, the Historical Garden Tour is happening this Sunday. Our Prospect Road home happens to be on display for the day. Stop by and i’ll find a few plants for you to take along to fill the empty spots. (Come anytime, happy to share 😊)!

    • Thanks, Melissa. And “06880” readers: If you have never seen her gardens, you should. “Spectacular” is too weak a word. They are astonishing!

    • Debra Kandrak

      Thank you so much….I would love to see your beautiful gardens. I might learn something about gardening because I am a novice at this. It is a learning process for me and I welcome any and all advice. But I do know that’s it’s important to plant in multiples to give it a cohesive visual effect. Yes the grasses were Blue Fescue, I used those to give the spot a more architectural look.
      The one thing that I love about maintaining this Adopt a Spot is that when I am out there weeding I get so many people stopping by to thank me. But in return I say thank you Westport for your kind words.

  16. Susan Iseman

    Agree, I have several blue fescue plants that didn’t survive, so these plants may have gone on to not so greener pastures.

  17. Stacy Prince

    On the bright side, the rest of the spot looks very nice, partly because you can actually see the plants; other, similar, corner gardens are so overrun with signs this year you wouldn’t know there was any greenery on display.