Pics Of The Day #777

Cedar Point Yacht Club’s OneDesign Regattas have gotten so big, there are now 2 of them.

The first of Westport’s big summer sailboat races was held this past weekend. The second event — for smaller boats — is set for late September.

CPYC hosted 450 sailors. They were supported by 100 volunteers.

Cedar Point Yacht Club was organized 132 years ago, in 1887. In 2019, it’s still going strong. It was just named US Sailing’s OneDesign Club of the Year.

Here’s some of this past weekend’s action.

(Photo copyright Stephen R. Cloutier)

(Photo copyright Stephen R. Cloutier)

Aerial view of Cedar Point Yacht Club (Photo copyright Stephen R. Cloutier)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #777

  1. Jonathan L Maddock

    Starboard boat has rights. No hitting the mark.

  2. Scott Kuhnert

    My twin brother and I learned how to sail at Cedar Point YC back in 1954 and since then I have made two circumnavigations . The first one 1971-1975 in a 30ft Allied Seawind Ketch and the second one 1987-1991 in our Valiant 40 with our two boys ages 9&11 when we left and 13&15 when we got back to CT