We Remember: Memorial Day 2019, Part 1

Today’s Memorial Day parade was the first in several years with beautiful weather.

Nearly everyone marched: police, firefighters, non-profit organizations, youth teams, Scouts, Suzuki violinists, a random pediatric dentist.

As usual — and as always deserved — the Y’s Men won the Best Float competition.

Here are a few scenes from today’s parade. More — plus images from the post-parade ceremony on Veterans Green  — will be posted later today.

The start of the route, on Riverside Avenue, was swimming with Westport YMCA Water Rats. (Photo/Jodi Harris)

It doesn’t get more classic than this. (Photo/Doris Ghitelman)

Alex Merton — almost 3 — is captivated by a fife and drum corps. (Photo/Fred Cantor)

The theme of the parade was “Thank a Veteran.” This vet received many thanks … (Photo/Beth Devoll)

… as did this veteran … (Photo/Doris Ghitelman)

… and this. (Photo/Doris Ghitelman)

Page Englehart gives the thumb’s up to a float honoring servicemenbers. Her son Williiam — a Staples High School 2014 graduate — is in the Marine Corps. (Photo/Anne Hardy)

Suzuki violinists played “Turkey in the Straw.” (Photo/Burton Stuttman)

A Myrtle Avenue home honors the holiday. (Photo/Dan Woog)

Police Chief Foti Koskinas greets a young fan on the parade route. (Photo/Marshall Kiev)

Patriot and noted artist Miggs Burroughs marches with the Westport flag — designed, for Westport’s 150th birthday in 1986, by himself. (Photo/Beth Devoll)

The red, white and blue was evident in flags … (Photo/Doris Ghitelman)

… and everywhere else. This is RTM member Andrew Colabella.

6 responses to “We Remember: Memorial Day 2019, Part 1

  1. Fred Cantor

    I missed this last year (being out in California). It was indeed perfect weather and the crowd seemed very appreciative (as reflected in some of the terrific photos above).

  2. Mark Yurkiw

    What a beautiful day for a parade that brings out the best in town ….except for….this van kept the fife & drum marching band of very young children moving in fits & starts for their marketing effort stopping to give away a free-bee. As much as I appreciate their clever way to advertise their business they were not considerate at all to those behind them. This kind of blatant self serving and inconsiderate attitude should be looked at by the parade committee. I’d be curious what your readers and parade attendees and in particular the parade committee think about this. It wasn’t as obvious to those watching as much as a problem as for those marching behind- Kids First pediatric dentistry, “where your kids always come first” ….except in parades..
    Is this what what the memorial parade is turning into…advertising venue?
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    • I could not attend this year’s parade, so I didn’t see what you describe, but I have driven my car in it for the Westport Woman’s Club several times. There are always “fits and starts” during the entire parade. Each group stops in front of the reviewing stand forcing everyone behind them to stop as well. Some groups march more slowly than others, especially the younger children. There may be other reasons for stopping — the police control it. It’s a wonderful community event — just enjoy it. I’m sorry I had to miss it this year.

    • Shelly Martin

      I didn’t witness this so I cannot comment on the act, but Kids First doesn’t even reside in Westport. They are in Norwalk & Fairfield. Not sure if that is relevant but I wonder how participants are selected? Were they there purely for the marketing?

      Separately, did the parade seem quiet to anyone else? As in, way fewer spectators?

  3. Sandie Cole

    Enjoyed the beautiful home with great detail in wood,stone,flora and flags planned and pictured.

  4. A smooch to you and Anne for this. We’ve sent it on to William. He will love the inclusion and it will make him feel nearby and connected to his home. Happy Memorial Day Westport.