Pics Of The Day #767

A curious sight on I-95 in Westport, the other day:

Here’s why:

(Photos/Tracy Porosoff)

11 responses to “Pics Of The Day #767

  1. Jalna Jaeger

    We got on the Merit parkway last Thursday, at Wilton Road, and there was NO traffic, not a single car, at 7:30 pm! It was unreal!

  2. Caryl Beatus


  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Okay, so I’ve obviously missed something on the news, or whatever … because, what the heck was going on there?!?

    Someone transporting evidence of the Trump Family’s corruption “files” perhaps?

    Nope, couldn’t be … he would never hire a company named “Allied” to move his stuff … it’s way too Democratic “sounding”. 🤪

    Yep, I went there … sorry, but this T world is way to exhausting for humanity. Gotta find the small minutiae of humor, during this tragic non-presidency.

  4. Wendy Cusick

    Controlled slow down of traffic by state police and DOT trucks for construction and bridge repair up ahead

  5. J.W. Kaempfer, Jr

    What’s in the truck? Nuclear material, or Trump’s stolen money?


  6. Matt Bannon

    Dan I find it so odd how so many of your readers have to connect almost every very unpleasant experience with the current President .

    Not to worry CNN says the 2 year Mueller investigation will show Russian collusion for sure……

    Can’t we please move on

    • Richard Fogel

      i agree Matt. The president is such a pleasant man with pleasant values and lives a pleasant lifestyle full of pleasant virtue.. MAPA. Make America Pleasant Again Have a pleasant holiday. Is it appropriate we pay tribute to our pleasant commander in chief and his bravery.? Salute his public service to our nation?. God Bless Mr Trumps Bone Spurs.

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