“06880” Honored By Journalists

I don’t care much for writing awards*. So I’ve never submitted “06880” for any.

But Fred Cantor and Neil Brickley — longtime readers, and much-longertime friends and former Staples High School classmates — did.

Without my knowledge, they sent 3 stories to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Connecticut chapter Excellence in Journalism contest. All told, there were 842 entries, in 39 categories.

Last night — at the annual meeting in Berlin — one of those stories earned a 1st-place award. It was for “Reporting Series.”

The story — “This is ABC” — was a photo essay done with my sister, Susan Woog Wagner. It explored Westport’s great A Better Chance program, through the eyes of scholars, host families, resident directors, drivers, founders, tutors and others. (Click here for the first story in the series.)

Study time at Glendarcy House — the A Better Chance of Westport residence on North Avenue. (Photo/Susan Woog Wagner)

I’m proud and honored that Fred and Neil did that on my behalf. And excited to have won, for sure.

The one award is nothing compared to WestportNow. The local news site enters the contest every year, and picks up passels of honors. Last night founder/editor Gordon Joseloff, writer James Lomuscio and photographers Dave Matlow, Helen Klisser During and Anna-Liisa Nixon shared 6 first-place, 4 second-place and 4 third-place awards.

Other local winners included Justin Papp (1st place) and Sophie Vaughn (3rd place), both of the Westport News.

Local journalism is alive and well. The awards are nice — but serving Westporters is even better.

*Though the Pulitzer Prize is very impressive.

(For a full list of winners, and more information, click here.)

Dinnertime! (Photo/Susan Woog Wagner)

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  1. Luke Garvey

    Congratulations Dan. Well-deserved.

  2. Luke Scott

    So cool! More from me after the holiday 🙂

  3. Sara Deren

    Your writing really makes a difference for those whose stories need to be told. Thanks for doing what you do, Dan! Well deserved recognition.

  4. Vivienne Pommier

    Well deserved congratulations

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    Mazel Tov!!😘

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  6. Lynda Shannon Bluestein

    Congratulations and well deserved!!!

  7. Jan van Arsdale

    Congrats, well deserved.

  8. Congratulations, Dan. You deserved it! And kudos for sharing news of the other local awardees!

    • Well deserved Congratulations to you!! I love your stories, love your writing and love your reporting!

  9. Amy Saperstein

    congrats dan!!!

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  11. Well deserved! Your daily writing is priceless to our community and beyond!

  12. Laurie Crouse

    So well deserved. Congratulations!🍾

  13. Charles Taylor

    Well deserved. Thanks to all that recognized the impact and importance of 06880!

  14. Jonathan McClure

    Congratulations, Dan and Susan!

  15. Congratulations, Dan! Well earned.

  16. Congratulations Dan! Greatly appreciate your stories and reporting!

  17. Luisa Francoeur

    Congratulations to you ! and thanks for letting us know about the other winners.

  18. Joanne Heller

    Congratulations Dan and Susan! Thank you for the wonderful photo essay of A Better Chance of Westport!

    Joanne Heller
    A Better Chance of Westport

  19. Dennis Stahursky

    Well Done Dan!

  20. Pearl Marcus

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  21. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Congratulations Dan and Susan. Well deserved recognition. You do a fantastic job.

  22. Michele Mitnick

    Congrats Dan to you and Susan! It was a pleasure working with you on this project to help raise awareness of A Better Chance of Westport and our role in tne Westport community. We couldn’t ask for a better cheerleader of our program and you’ve earned this well deserved award for a beautifully written piece.

    Michele Mitnick
    A Better Chance of Westport

  23. Susan Hopkins

    Congratulations Dan and Susan! Richly deserved.

  24. Rick Leonard

    Way to go, Dan! Your posts are must-reads and the ABC one was especially fine. Thanks for all you do!

  25. Ann Chernow

    Many congratulations to you!!! Ann Chernow and Martin West

  26. Good for you, Dan. And you ought to be entering 06880 in the Online News Association contests, too.

  27. Anita Janson-Bower

    Congratulations, Dan (& Susan)!  I thoroughly enjoyed your original story about “ABC” (among many others throughout the year) & am happy to see you’ve been recognized for your journalism skills!  06880 is lucky to have you representing it so beautifully all year round.  You are always “spot on” with your topics, articles & photos.  Thank you for doing what you do so well.Sent from my Galaxy Tab® A

  28. Congratulations Dan! You deserve it!

  29. Congratulations, Dan! Your hard work and tireless reporting should be honored!

  30. Judith Udell

    All your loyal readers are not surprised Dan.
    ‘06880’ is an important part of our day.

  31. Congratulations Dan !

  32. May I add my Congratulations to you, Dan! You’re the glue that holds Westport together (even for us ex-pats).

  33. Tracy Damianos

    Bravo!!!! Well Deserved

  34. Joe Schachter

    Another confirmation of how your WoogsWorld content chronicles Westport’s continuing history. A truly-deserved recognition Dan!

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    Congratulations! that is fantastic!

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  37. Woo hoo, Dan! Congratulations! 🎉
    So we’ll deserved. Love your stories and writing style!

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    Deserved!! Thank you for sharing your gift – glad your talent is recognized beyond our westport borders.

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    Good news!!!!! In every way!!!!

  42. Congratulations! 恭喜!

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    You deserve it!

    Love your blog!!!

  44. Peter Gambaccini

    Congratulations to you and Susan, and a nice gesture by Fred and Neil.

  45. Topsy Siderowf

    Wonderful recognition to Westport’s star chronicler.

  46. Nina Streitfeld

    Delighted to know you are receiving recognition far and wide. We here in town already know that your work is enriching and enhancing the lives of those who reside and work in our beloved Westport..

  47. Marcy Sansolo

    congrats dan. absolutely well deserved.

  48. Joyce Barnhart

    Congratulations, Dan. Well-deserved.

  49. Deb Holliday Kintigh

    KUDOS, Dan!! Well done and well deserved.

  50. Timing is perfect to have this series awarded. Dan, congratulations to you for both the then series and now again another chance for understanding even more. Your award represents a renewing and a refreshing appreciation of local journalism.

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    • Fran White

      06880 is a key element in binding our community together and telling its stories. We are proud of you!

  51. Lisa Rosene

    I love that they submitted this story for consideration! Good for them! And an honor well deserved for you (and your sister). You share many stories of Westporters and their amazing achievements. So happy that this time the story is about you! Congratulations!