Pics Of The Day #766

It looks pastoral.

But beware of poison ivy, at places like Gray’s Creek …

… and Winslow Park, by the Westport Country Playhouse.

(Photos/Tracy Porosoff)

7 responses to “Pics Of The Day #766

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Leaves of three … let it be!

    This little phrase has probably helped more times than I can recall.

    Despite that, I did have one pretty awful poison ivy situation, way back, that metastasized into my bloodstream.

    After that, never contracted it again. Probably built up a solid immunity to it because of that situation.

    But, who knows for sure.

    Hey, if you’ve got a pretty rock solid immune system, give it a go, just for fun (free immunization, right?)

    Disclaimer: “just kidding”.

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    P.S. – I was heavy into gardening and yard work/landscaping of my own properties, so, it was inevitable that I’d get a poison “ivy” of some sort, eventually.

    Oh, and tip: if you don’t have any anti-poison ivy cleansers on hand, use cold water and Dawn dish detergent to get the plant oils off your body, right after any questionable outdoor activity.

    Simple, cheap, generally quite reliable, IMO. 😉

  3. Charles Taylor

    Ah….. a dermatologist Dream!

  4. Jill Greenberg

    Though a nuisance to many humans, poison ivy is a native plant that benefits many creatures, providing food and shelter to beneficial bugs, birds, etc. When ever possible in wild areas and open spaces avoidance is preferable to eradication

  5. Dick Lowenstein

    Poison ivy is everywhere. but here’s where it has been largely eradicated. There was a major patch growing next to the river, just behind the benches and sidewalks near the Library Riverwalk, in an area frequented by children (and adults) who don’t recognize the “leaves of three.”

    A few weeks ago, a Parks & Rec crew was working near the river walk. When I showed the foreman the poison ivy, he said he would take care of it. He did, as you will see from mostly wilting plants and the yellow caution tape still at the site.

    But be careful. The growing season is young and more poison ivy is coming. And if you get a nasty outbreak, ask your doctor to prescribe Fluocinonide cream. It stops the itching and the urge to scratch.

  6. And of course, in any area like these, protect against TICKS. This year is supposed to be especially bad, with even more diseases than Lyme in the offing. Protective clothing, sprays and checking afterwards are de rigueur.