Mill Pond Egret Lured To Death

Sherwood Mill Pond is one of Westport’s most beautiful spots. Teeming with wildlife, it’s loved by photographers, painters, kayakers, fishermen, and anyone who likes to admire nature.

However, the site is not always respected.

Yesterday, an alert — and saddened — “06880” reader sent this disturbing photo:

The egret died after getting tangled in a fishing line that had been cast over an electric line.

Similar lines, the reader says, are also collecting debris and trapping waterfowl.

The bird died very close to the estuary designed expressly for the preservation of wildlife. “Tidal Gates Park” — on the way to Compo Cove — is where 2 hurricane-damaged houses were demolished a couple of years ago.

Someone posted a notice near the dead egret. “This is unacceptable,” it says. “Clean up your lures & lines.”

3 responses to “Mill Pond Egret Lured To Death

  1. Audrey Hertzel

    So sad and unnecessary. I’ve kayaked and have taken countless bags of garbage (including tangled fishing line out of low lying trees and bushes) out of Saugatuck River on many occasions. Unfortunately, it’s only getting worse due to the selfish actions of humans. RIP sweet egret.

  2. This photo says it all, Audrey and Jo. So sad.