WWPT Rocks National Radio Awards

You don’t have to be a Staples student to love WWPT.

Plenty of folks in Fairfield County with no connection to the high school tune into the station — 90.3 FM — for news, sports, music, even dramatic readings.

It was one of the first high school radio stations in the country.

Now the John Drury High School Radio Awards confirm: It’s also the best.

For the 2nd year in a row.

Yesterday at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, “Wrecker Radio” walked off with the top prize: Best High School Radio Station.

But that’s not all.

Individual staff members won for:

  • Best News Feature Story (November 11, 2018: Jack Gersh, Cameron Manna)
  • Best Sports Play-by-Play (Basketball final, Trumbull vs. Darien: Greg Settos, Jake Gersh)
  • Best Sportstalk Program (Open Season – 2.o “The Return”: Jake Thaw, Nick, Kornfeld
  • Best Sportscast (A Sports Update: Greg Settos)
  • Best PSA (Don’t Text and Drive: Ben Gross)

The entire station also won Best Radio Drama – Adaptation for “A Christmas Carol – Act 1 of 2.”

WWPT-FM members who attended yesterday’s national awards ceremony in Illinois (from left): Brad Cox, Greg Settos, Reilly Caldwell, Jake Gersh, Cameron Manna and adviser Geno Heiter. (Photo/Jack Caldwell)

Those were not the only nominees from Staples. Others included Greg Settos for Best Newscast; Brad Cox for Best News Feature Story; Reilly Caldwell and Settos for Best Promo; Seettos and Lefty Penderakis, Jack Borowsky and Mark Didio, and Jake Gersh and Cameron Manna, Best Sportstalk Program (3 separate nominations); Art Shapiro and Settos, and Brad Cox, Best Sports Play-by-Play (2 separate nominations); Ethan Frank, plus Cox, Zach Iannacone, Will Rosenthal, Tim Luciano for Best Public Affairs Program (2 separate nominations); Jake Gersh and Isabella Siskind (Best PSA, 2 separate nominations); Gersh, Siskind, Dylan Mace, Dan Chu, Oscar Hachter, Jack Noble, Ben Howard and Matt Hirschler (Best Radio Drama – Original).

Congratulations to all, and of course adviser Geno Heiter.

Now set your radio to 90.3 FM!

(Hat tip: Jack Caldwell)

5 responses to “WWPT Rocks National Radio Awards

  1. R.B. Marcino

    Don’t forget Mike Zito who also was their Course Advisor for many years at Staples! He got his start on radio back in 1973 on WPKN.at the University of Bridgeport. A thorough professional with a great sense of humor who only retired recently.

  2. Congratulations to all for this well deserved recognition! They make any car trip more enjoyable with their choice of music and lack of commercials.

  3. Fred Cantor

    Definitely one of the benefits of being in Westport: as Ed noted, being able to drive around and listen to their terrific music selection. Congrats.

  4. David Squires

    Congrats to all….. Love My Home Town Station! It’s High on my short list of PreSets in the car. Keep Rocking’ the Dial WWPT!!!!
    “If Music Be the Food of Love…. Play On” {anonymous}

  5. This nation has a long and proud history. So proud to have had my son, John as a DJ back in the early 80’s. I believe Chick Elliot was the station Manager at the time. His Father, Win Elliot was well known among radio listeners and Chuck came by it naturally. It always gave mea thrill to hear my John doing his thing on this very special station. I am always happy we settled in this Town…and always proud of its continuing support of our Schools!!