Photo Challenge #227

I threw a hint — a very subtle one — into last week’s Photo Challenge.

“Where would you find this?” I asked.

Usually, it’s “Where in Westport would you find this?”

Seth Schachter’s shot showed a Minute Man. He strongly resembled the one at our Compo Beach monument, and on our town flag.

But this guy was in Fairfield. Specifically, he’s carved into the front of the Bank of America building near the center of town.

No one knew that “06880” Photo Challenge.

Though to be fair, I should have called it the “06824” Photo Challenge.

This week’s Photo Challenge — believe it or  not — is definitely in Westport.

If you know where, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Katherine Bruan)

27 responses to “Photo Challenge #227

  1. Arline Gertzoff

    Splash Terrace at Longshore

  2. Pat Saviano

    Aris courtyard?

  3. Matt Murray

    The croutyard of Bedford Square.

  4. Ben Sturner

    New WAGU outside eating.

  5. Molly Alger

    Plaza behind Bedford Square

  6. Matt Murray

    The courtyard at Bedford Square.

  7. Stephanie Mastocciolo

    Courtyard behind Amis and Anthropology

  8. Fred Rubin

    Courtyard at Bedford Square

  9. Tulika Chandra

    In the patio area outside of Anthropologie, Wafu & Amis!

  10. Patti Brill

    Bedford Square

  11. Karen Como

    courtyard at Bedford square

  12. Jonathan McClure

    Patio Bedford square near Anthropologie and Ami’s

  13. John F. Suggs

    Yeah it is the courtyard at Bedford Square. You can see the guy in the upper right corner climbing the steps.

  14. Andrew Colabella

    Wafu Bedford square

  15. Yes, it is the courtyard in Bedford Square — behind Amis, near Wafu. And I thought there wasn’t much foot traffic there!

  16. Cindy Zuckerbrod

    Outside Amis in Bedford Square

  17. June Whittaker

    It’s at Bedford square

  18. Wafu restaurant in Bedford Square

  19. Marlene Paolini

    Outside Wafu

  20. JoAnn Flaum

    Bedford Square

  21. Martin Gitlin

    In the courtyard in front of Wafu.

  22. Seth Braunstein

    Behind Bedford Square

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  23. Mandy Germishuys

    That’s Jen Purdy outside Wafu noodle bar in Bedford town square.

  24. Joelle Malec

    Court yard at Bedford Square outside of Wafu

  25. Sandra Rosen

    Bedford square interior circle

  26. Debra Zager

    Wafu Korean BBQ in the interior courtyard there.

  27. Kevin McCaul

    Was she texting to Dan Woog: “PLS don’t put me in your blog. Thx!” ?