Westport: A “Best Community For Music Education”

The Westport Public Schools’ music department doesn’t toot its own horn.

So I will.

We’ve just been named one of the country’s Best Communities for Music Education. The award recognizes a town and school district’s “outstanding commitment to music education.”

And — drum roll, please! — this is the 7th straight year we’ve won it.

To qualify for the Best Communities designation — presented by the NAMM Foundation, which supports research, philanthropy and public service programs in the area of music education — school officials answered detailed questions about funding, graduation requirements, music class participation, instruction time, facilities, support for the music program, and community music-making programs.

Well played, Westport!

Encore! If you’ve never seen a Westport Schools’ Pops Concert at the Levitt Pavilion — or even if you have — click below. This year’s show is Friday, June 7. Tickets will be available soon.

2 responses to “Westport: A “Best Community For Music Education”

  1. Janine Scotti

    Truly an amazing honor to yet again win the award. Congratulations to the children and the teachers and our town who cherish the arts. I am grateful that I chose Westport way back in my 20’s and that I have had decades of pleasure listening to our marching bands, our school performers, the Levitt the list goes on and on!

  2. Rozanne Gates

    This is awesome and we live in a totally awesome community with so much musical talent – it is truly breathtaking