Pic Of The Day #730

Compo Beach basketball court (Photo/Mark Jacobs)

9 responses to “Pic Of The Day #730

  1. Polly Temple


  2. Diane H. Silfen

    To bad they think that is an alright thing to do

  3. Adam Schwartz

    Are there any city employees that watch over this area? I also wonder if this was done by people playing basketball or a group who stopped just to eat lunch at this table?

  4. Susan Hopkins

    Disrespectful. For openers.

  5. William Strittmatter

    Maybe we can get some DNA off those cups. Even if police won’t do it, someone can send it into some of the services like 23andMe and see if we get a match from someone in the database.

  6. Charles Taylor

    Privilege or Sheer Ignorance

  7. Jeffery Holl

    Need a sign that says “Your mother doesn’t work here. Please clean up after yourself”.

  8. Terry Brannigan


    Btw I parked down town last week behind Main Street and it was as clean as a whistle! Looks like a new trash compactor was installed and the over flowing dumpster was gone there was almost no trash anywhere!

    Well done

  9. Eric Bosch '73

    Yea, that’s the answer! Write to the Rec. Department and tell them we need more signs at the beach. Really? The current beach sign count is 309, and that’s before they’ve had a chance to plaster the 4 walls of our new Million Dollar bathroom. Last year’s big blue billboard size signs, (that block the most important vistas of the beach), are totally ineffective. Don’t you think? We can all see first hand from this above picture that more signs are just stupid. They’re a waste of tax payers money, they do nothing to change behaviors, and they simply spoil views. Compo beach has become the Time Square of Westport. 80% of the signs should be remove and tickets should be written to stop law breakers.