Pic Of The Day #726

(Photo/Neil Cohn)

Alert “06880” reader Neil Cohn writes:

After your recent post about the Westport Community Gardens, I signed right up.

The area assigned to me had some nice raised beds and soil. I spent last weekend cleaning the weeds and prepping the beds. Unfortunately the previous owner had a change of heart and removed everything, leaving a swamp when I showed back up.

Lou Weinberg, who runs the garden, offered to help me build new beds. I picked up lumber at Torno, and this morning we got to work.

A senior couple, Paddy and Pat Duecy, came by. They offered amazing gardening advice, and chatted with my 9-year old-daughter. Reese is a 3rd grader at Coleytown Elementary School.

My kids have planned out our crops. Now we’re off to Gilbertie’s for some more soil and plants. What a treasure the garden is — and what a sense of community it brings!

5 responses to “Pic Of The Day #726

  1. Bonnie Bradley

    Wonderful photo and story. If Reese gets into gardening at her age she will experience great joy and satisfaction for her entire lifetime. The world of nature can become a beloved teacher as well as solace in times of sadness, which we must all encounter at sometime in our lives. I wear gloves when I work in my garden but after digging a hole for an new plant I remove my gloves to place the plant in its new home with my bare hands… I feel that connection with our earth; both myself and the plant, unique living things.
    Neil, I think this is a wonderful and loving project for you to share with your daughter as you begin this adventure together. My best wishes to you both.

  2. Bonnie Bradley

    Oops! Sorry Neil! Just re-read Dan’s post and realize you have other kids.
    All I wrote previously goes for them too, of course.
    I’ll add that my granddaughter, who is 15, has had a lucrative summer job for several years in a neighbor’s garden, working and weeding, etc. She loves it. So, there’s that too. 😊

    • Thanks again Bonnie! All 3 kids are excited – but it seems Reese is our nature girl and has taken a special shine to gardening. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful story; it captures the rather magical spirit in the community gardens. Many gifted gardeners and lovely plots flourish there!