Unsung Hero #93

Alert “06880” reader Tracy Porosoff nominates this week’s Unsung Hero. She writes:

Nina MacMillan stands at the front door of Greens Farms Elementary School every day. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, she greets every child with a smile and a friendly hello.

Nina MacMillan

Nina has suffered through bouts of bronchitis without complaining.

She is there for early morning orchestra, chorus, band and gym. She never scolds kids when they’re late.

She starts their school day with kindness, friendship, and a sense that they are welcome and eagerly awaited.

To have our kids receive such warmth each and every day is truly a gift for which we are grateful.

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4 responses to “Unsung Hero #93

  1. Great nomination! Nina is the most wonderful start to everyone’s day at Green’s Farms Elementary School!

  2. Charles Taylor

    The Lords work! Great to recognize this Gift to Westport’s children. A Smile can make a huge difference in someone’s day. Or a hug!

  3. Jonathan Greenfield

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Nina is a shinning light! I have never seen, or spoken to her without her expressing her beautiful smile; the biggest smile in Westport too!! Our kids are lucky to have her!!

  4. Jennifer Longmuir

    Nina is my mother and is truly a loving human being always has a beautiful bright smile that hugs you, I am not surprised at all by this nomination. The Westport schools are very lucky to have her a part of their daily life!