Pic Of The Day #718

Stiles Market sells up to 350 pounds of chicken cutlets each week day — and more on weekends (Photo/Terry Brannigan)

5 responses to “Pic Of The Day #718

  1. In the spirit of veganism, that is disgusting!

    • Matt Bannon

      In the eye 👁 of the beholder as they say

      Stiles, great food and ownership. For us meat eaters We can get a roast beef sandwich for 5 bucks

  2. Tom Feeley Sr

    Too chicken to reveal your last name⁉️🐤😂

  3. Peter Barlow

    At first I thought it was a plate of cookies – maybe chocolate chip oatmeal. That’s what I’d like right now!

  4. And to think I was thinking of pics other than (beautiful) ones of Compo Beach. I wasn’t expecting the Chicken Cutlet Mound. Love this and all the other creative, innovative, mindful doings in Westport…and reporting by 06880.