Coming Soon To Saugatuck: More Pizza

Exactly one year ago yesterday, Julian’s closed its Saugatuck location.

Two months from now, the Riverside Avenue spot will reopen — again as a pizza-and-more place.

The new owner is familiar: Parker Mansion, the restaurant next door.

Manager Kevin Conte told “06880” yesterday that the 2 operations will be separate.

At the 2016 Slice of Saugatuck, the line to sample Julian’s pizza ran past Parker Mansion.

The new place — still unnamed – will serve beer and wine, and frozen yogurt and/or Italian ice cream.

While primarily takeout, tables will be set up in front, and possibly on the side.

Conte also plans tables in back, by the dock area. Diners from the pizza restaurant — and Parker Mansion — can eat back there, enjoying the beautiful river view.

He hopes to open June 1.

(Hat tip: Pete Romano)

3 responses to “Coming Soon To Saugatuck: More Pizza

  1. Jean Marie Marie Wiesen

    Excellent, it’s a great spot to eat and I miss it.

  2. Awesome! We all love pizza! If the Parker Mansion owners need a logo for their new digs don’t hesitate to reach out to Westport’s go-to logo studio!

  3. Sal Liccione

    Good job Kevin and the great staff they have working there the town loves your food and peaple