Any Way You Slice It, Julian’s Closes

Today is the final day to vote for your favorite pizza place in Westport.

But there’s one less contender than when the contest began.

Monday was is the final day for Julian’s, the brick oven pizzeria on Riverside Avenue.

An employee at the Post Road East location — which remains open — says the reason for the closing was a huge rent increase.

Sounds like the scourge of downtown has spread to Saugatuck.

At the 2016 Slice of Saugatuck, the line to sample Julian’s pizza ran past Parker Mansion.

18 responses to “Any Way You Slice It, Julian’s Closes

  1. Facts are wrong, Julian’s is open on the Post Rd. There pizza is outstanding.

    • Facts are not wrong. It states clearly in the article above that Julian’s is still open on the Post Road. Please re-read.

  2. Bob Stalling

    Is Arcudi’s “Home of The Square Pizza” still in play?

  3. I am puzzled by all the Westport commercial landlords who say their rent is some whopping amount each month when it appears to me their rent, increasingly, is zero each month. Westport is becoming a retail ghost town, which should be very worrisome to everyone. Streets that are fun to walk and retail establishments that are fun to browse and shop add to a town’s vibrancy, to say nothing of its economy. And they entice visitors to come and spend their money here, too But all the empty storefronts in town – in the midst of one of the strongest economies in memory – does not bode well for our charming town. I think some of our more prominent landlords are going to need a significant reset. Two-thirds of whopping is still a lot more than nothing.

  4. Not to worry, government planning will make it all better. The Saugatuck TOD plan will soon touch off an orgy of taxpayer funded infrastructure boondoggles. The TOD’s creepy older brother, the Downtown Plan, has been working miracles on Main Street for some time now.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Morley-you are great!! That was really good. And so true.

    • Richard Fogel

      Free and open markets will make America great again. Ask Larry Kudlow

      • Who said anything about the free market? Have you read the TOD? It’s just a thinly veiled giveaway to big developers. Including the one with links to the firm that produced the plan. Little businesses like Julians and Commuter Coffee will get shoved out. In truth, this is a finger in the eye of commuters.

        • Richard Fogel

          republicans love free give aways,free things

          • Bart Shuldman

            Republicans like free giveaways? Wow. Have you not paid attention to the fiscal crisis in CT due to the free always by the dems?

            I guess you just have to laugh. And then watch as more homes come on the market and home values continue to decline. And more stores close.

            • Richard Fogel

              yes republicans love to give tax cuts oor and middle class and increase taxes on the wealthy? Yes is that the essence of the new republican tax plan? The art of Bart?

              • Bart Shuldman

                I would not say my ‘art’. The next few years will help educate you on the massive fiscal issues in CT and the eventual impaCT on Westport.

                If I am right, starting July 1 2019 will be a very difficult time.

                • Richard Fogel

                  ct has given to many free things away. Too much tax cuts and not enough taxes on the very wealthy that live here. Tax hedge funds and high earners who benefit from all Ct has offered. Its time to stop the give away to the wealthy and rich. Stop carried interest. Stop off shore foreign accountsd. And congrats to all the wealthy resident in Ct who register their expensive cares in Florida. Stop the fraud

  5. Matthew Mandell

    This is a massive shame. I believe people tried to talk to the landlord, but seems to no avail. And right in the middle of the Great Pizza Contest as well. What irony.

    No one is sure what the reason for the rent increase is. Saugatuck is not downtown and this closing should not be associated in the same manner. Maybe there was envy of those rents, who knows,I hope not.

    Anyway, people can still vote for best pizza today at, contest ends today.

  6. Tom Feeley Sr

    Once upon a time Westport Main Street was a bustling shopping and dining place with mostly Mom & Pop stores that were owner operated and supported by mostly local shoppers

    With fabulous demographics, Westport started to attract National Chains with great credit and the Mom & Pop owners leased out. Lee Papagorge told me he could make more money leasing Oscar’s space out than he was making running the deli, but he loved coming to work and employing all his loyal workers.

    The chain store has huge advantages because their staff costs and profit requirements are so much lower than an owner trying to support a family.
    Enter the chains. Exit the locals. Welcome to Westport signs appeared that were unnecessary back in the day. We knew where we were.
    Sale prices, supported by these high chain rents, soared…as did the mortgages, so rents went up again. As did taxes. And now some chains are leaving, but the high mortgage remains. So most owners really don’t have that much rent flexibility and entrepreneurs can’t afford the rates.
    It’s called “Vacancy University” and it is very expensive and difficult to graduate.