Chef’s Table Now Serving Cross Highway

Christie’s Country Store closed in December.

But less than 4 months later, the 6-decade Cross Highway tradition continues.

Chef’s Table opened today. That’s good news for residents of the Cross Highway neighborhood. As well as workers and delivery people in that area. Plus of course students at nearby Staples High and Bedford Middle Schools.

Owner Rich Herzfeld and son Dave — who will manage the eat-in/takeout breakfast-sandwich-grill-soup-pizza-and more place — greeted a steady stream of happy customers, starting early this morning.

David and Rich Herzfeld, earlier today.

In February, Rich told “0688o” he hoped to open by April 1.

He made good on that goal. (No fooling!)

Staples High School students enjoy the new spot.

That’s a great omen for Chef’s Table, which began in Westport (both locations closed after the 2007 recession), and now includes a very popular spot in Fairfield.

And for everyone else hungry for — as Chef’s Table’s t-shirts say — “Fine Food Fast.”

Christie’s still lives. In honor of the 93-year-old tradition, the sign says “Chef’s Table at Christie’s Country Store.”

8 responses to “Chef’s Table Now Serving Cross Highway

  1. Peter Propp

    Congrats to Rich! And lucky us!

  2. Jim Honeycuytt

    We were very happy when the Chef’s Table moved into Fairfield. Nice for Westport to get Rich and all his good vibes back into Westport too. Good luck to him!

  3. Jim Honeycutt

    We were lucky to get the Chef’s Table into Fairfield years back. Nice now for Rich and all his good vibes to return to Westport again. Good luck to him! Lucky Westport!

  4. K.F. Spearen

    Best of Luck , with your new Adventure … I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can sit outside enjoying while your Wonderful Sandwiches

  5. Fred Cantor

    Excellent news and I look forward to checking it out when we come back east.

  6. Fantastic news – hope to check it out by the end of the week!

  7. John Hooper

    Best of luck Dave and Rich!!! I am sure the neighbors and the kids will be delighted

  8. We love Chef’s Table and that’s welcome news. Welcome to Coleytown!