Ospreys Search For New Home

This morning, Westporters watched with sadness as an osprey searched for a new home.

Joe Sequenzia and his wife Kelly snapped these photos of the magnificent bird, at the Fresh Market plaza.

(Photos/Kelly Coveny-Sequenzia)

Lisa Girden took the image below, of the osprey’s old nest. She writes: “So sad. Just sitting there waiting with one twig 😢”

(Photo/Lisa Girden)

35 responses to “Ospreys Search For New Home

  1. Jean Marie Marie Wiesen

    This is heartbreaking!! Can’t DEEP, Wildlife in crisis, Christine Peregrine (spelling), Audubon, someone with a cherry picker, get a platform back up there? There are plenty of tree companies in the area. Carpenters who can build one.

  2. Rindy Higgins

    They have to be approved by DEEP which is closed today. I think we need to get hold of Eversource to alert them that the birds are on one of their poles again. Also send messages to Urban Outfitters which owns Terrain to get corporate attention

  3. Ruth Donohue

    The issue of construction noise is bogus. My son is is a Wildlfe Biologist for U.S. Fish and Wildlife (currently based in Alabama, so can’t help directly here). When he was based on Long Island they had an Osprey pair that nested on top the the alarm at a firehouse. Despite the fairly regular ear splitting noise, it was a successful nest and the ospreys appeared to not be bothered by the noise

  4. Bonnie Bradley

    Someone should just make a new platform today and be ready for DEEP approval early tomorrow so that platform can be installed. From photos, birds are obviously considering other poles nearby which carry wires, etc. Eversource has a card in this game; encourage their input & help. It’s good PR for them too.

  5. Denise Torve

    Stories like these leave me so conflicted. On one hand I love humankind for all the care and worry that is being shown towards the Osprey’s but on the other I’m so disgusted that this could have happened at all.

  6. Bonnie Bradley

    Someone should be able to construct a new platform today, and then whoever can should obtain DEEP approval early tomorrow, and new platform can be installed at once. This is Westport folks! Just do it.
    Eversource has a dog in this fight – the photos show the birds trying for poles which carry wires & equipment and will start building ASAP, causing more difficulties…. They should help. Plus, it’s good PR for Eversource.

    • Jean Marie Marie Wiesen

      Eversource can build and install a new platform, today. It’s their pole.

  7. Michael Brennecke

    Eversource systematically killed all the Monk parakeets.
    Not exactly friends of birds.

  8. Michelle Benner

    Can the platform and nest salvaged from the dumpster be used to help construct the new platform? If the birds can’t use the previous nest maybe they can at least use the mayerials to build a new one? This is truly heartbreaking. Also, very disappointing if Terrain is responsible for this.

  9. Patrick Church

    Why cant we get a platform and nest up there..with all the builders in this town nobody can get this done for those birds..that landlord should be boycotted by all sorry to the businesses but im not going to those places anymore

    • Ruth Donohue

      This is strictly on Terrain, not the businesses with Fresh Market. Terrain’s contractors had no qualms about removing the nest without a permit. They should restore it TODAY permit or no permit.

  10. Wanda Tedesco

    This is so so sad!

  11. Jennifer Seymour

    Dan You’re probably 10 steps ahead on this but has anyone contacted News12 or other local affiliate? Perhaps broader press attention will promote some resolution. Additionally, does anyone know what was done to the nest that was removed? Maybe if it was relocated to a neighboring pole they would be ok?

    I’m sure you’ve had hundreds of emails on this subject – it’s just so heartbreaking.

    Happy Sunday! Jennifer Seymour


    • Thanks, Jennifer. As noted by several commenters, the nest was located in a dumpster behind Colonial Pharmacy/Fresh Market.

  12. India Penney

    It seems like time is of the essence.
    1) Contact the landlord and forcefully (but politely) demand that they put up a new platform. Regency Centers Community … Eric Davidson … 904-598-7829.
    2) If our phone calls don’t satisfy us that restoration will be immediate … AND IF YOU GET ANYWHERE, PLEASE POST IT HERE SO WE ALL KNOW! …
    we should protest, with signs, in front of where the osprey platform was.
    I’m happy to organize that if we don’t get results.
    3) Additionally, if we don’t get results with Regency Centers, we should contact News12 and have them cover the issue and our protest demonstration.

    • India, I’d be calling the media today. Time is of the essence for this displaced family. Too bad that public humiliation can be the only thing that motivates people. We had a camera on an osprey chick last yr that was tangled in wire and the Parks and Rec director kept insisting I wasn’t seeing clearly. The chick couldn’t get to mom for food. I called our local raptor biologist who insisted she wanted to come to the office to see the camera at a closer view. The osplet was so tangled in fishing wire, it had cut through the skin on both legs! A successful rescue followed, our biologist took to her rehab center and the chick was placed back with its parents…and it all made the news! Keep fighting! Go get ’em!!

    • Marci Caporizzo

      Any protests must not be on private property and you must keep moving while protesting. This means you would be walking right next to Route 1 and possibly the police would not allow this. Too bad but then again maybe they will because they know how upsetting this has been to our Westport ospreys and citizens. How about it Westport Police….will you help us help the ospreys??

  13. This is so sad and disgusts me. I work for an electric and gas company and we do have pole move projects where ospreys nests have been inhabited. We ALWAYS have the osprey replacement plan as a priority inclusive to the job. Just year before last, we moved an osprey family’s platform 200 feet from their old home and they happily returned, circled a few times to then land and begin building ‘a few doors down’. Shame on this happening! There is no excuse!

  14. Marci Caporizzo

    In answer to the statement/question about channel 12….. I had called them and they will be sending a crew on Monday when more official people will more than likely be there for comments/questions.

  15. Richard Webb

    Fresh Market and The Audobon Society needs to replace it NOW. The truck is still parked there!

  16. I find it heartwarming that so many people have gotten involved in the plight of these helpless birds. It shows that Westport (and ex-pat) people have a heart. I’m sure that the resolution to the problem will be found shortly.

    My husband and I drove past the site yesterday around 2:00 pm. The osprey was flying around in circles and finally landed on a tall pole nearby with something black on top that looked like a mailbox. Would that have been a power line?

  17. Michael Borom

    Is it Fresh Market or Terrain so we know who to boycott? All change is found in the pocket book.

    • Neither. The bad guy is Regency Centers, which owns both properties. I’m posting an afternoon report in 10 minutes. Don’t miss it. You’ll find a way to protest in that story!

  18. I would say Osprey are immune to noise. We had a nest near our Condo in Canada on top of a food and grain mill that ground grain everyday. The osprey returned to nest there for many years. I really can’t believe a community of intelligent very concerned environmental people can allow this to happen without immediate response by replacing the platform. Just do it!

  19. Since both we- the public- AND the landlord & businesses& ( especially) the so-called ” construction company that was told it was ok”idiots/ lawbreakers KNOW it was NOT supposed to be touched=make them up it back exactly where it was ASAP…..problem solved ( sort-of) and prosecute to the full letter of the law… Ignorance of said laws NOT an excuse to blatantly lie and break them….that’ll teach ’em! 😡

  20. Marcy Sansolo

    dan- thanks for all of this amazing coverage. i can’t believe how moved i am by all of this. these photos break my heart.

  21. Charles Stebbins

    Dan, Your success in smoking out Regency and shaming them into resurrecting the Osprey nest was an example of Social Media at its finest. Well done my friend!

    Now we need to ensure Regency follows through. To that end, this morning, Miley Bull is heading to the Fresh Market site to confer with the crew in re-attaching the Osprey platform and sticks. Since this was all tossed in a dumpster, we’re not certain it’s as simple a task as Regency described in their last post yesterday.

    In parallel, we know where the Osprey pair are constructing their new home. Miley will visit that site too…and if it’s a safe protected site…he may recommend just “letting nature take its course.” If not, we could arrange to have the twigs removed…which would put the pair in search again…and hopefully return to the Fresh Market nest. But no guarantees.

    Miley and/I will send you a report later this morning or afternoon so you can keep your readers apprised of the latest.

    Again…you done good my friend!