Indulge, Shop — And Support Your Local Blog

Indulge by Mersene is one of my favorite local stores.

No, make that one of my favorite places anywhere in all of Westport.

The fun, funky shop on the corner of Riverside Avenue and Railroad Place — directly opposite the train station — is crammed with eclectic, intriguing, one-of-a-kind items. It’s the go-to place for any gift-giving occasion; for adding zing to your own home; for gift-wrapping that will make you the envy of any party, and for the sheer delight of chatting with Mersene herself. (Her sweet Southern accent is reason enough to stop by.)

Indulge by Mersene on Railroad Place is a very cool, funky — and thriving — local business.

Indulge by Mersene is also one of the best places in Westport to buy “06880”-themed goodies. Pillows, pendants, blankets — if you can put our zip code on it, Merene already did.

Which is why I am honored that Mersene has made this coming Friday and Saturday “06880” days. She’s celebrating the 10th anniversary of our blog by donating 20% of all sales both days to “06880.”

Mersene’s warm, welcoming store is a joy to visit any day.

But especially so this Friday and Saturday. Did I mention they’re open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.?

(Click here for Mersene’s website.)

One “06880”-themed item …

… while this pendant features a Westport navigation chart.

8 responses to “Indulge, Shop — And Support Your Local Blog

  1. Jack Backiel

    Dan, Will there ever be 06880 underwear? If so, I’d like to order two dozen!

  2. Barbara Sherburne, '67

    That’s a wonderful thing that Mersene is doing for 06880.

    • For sure! Mersene rocks!

      • Scott Broder

        Mersene personifies Southern charm with wit and great style! I’ve always enjoyed shopping there whether for gifts 🎁 or simply to check out the creative new additions she displays. Kudos to 06880 weekend; I’ll be sure to drop by to check it out❗️

  3. Vanessa Bradford

    And please 06880 followers, make a good contribution to Dan Woog for all that he does 365 days a year. And for ten years . Bravo!

  4. Scott Broder

    Mersene embodies Southern charm with wit and
    fun comments. My wife introduced me to this WESTPORT gem years ago and we’ve always enjoyEd getting gifts 🎁 there. Also we stopped
    By to simply say hello and see what unique new items were displayed. Kudos 06880 for this weekends shout out, well deserved. Will be sure to stop by to check out the goods at Mersene’s this weekwnd❗️