FreshDirect Expands To Westport

Recently, it seems like every newcomer to Westport has moved from Manhattan or Brooklyn.

They give up a lot to come here: 24/7 life. Every necessity within walking distance, including a Duane Reade on every corner. FreshDirect.

We can’t provide the first 2 (and all we’ve got is CVS and Walgreens.)

But on March 25, Westporters gain access to the online, custom-preparation grocery delivery service. FreshDirect offers fresh meat, fish, produce and specialty items in 7 states.

Up to now, Connecticut next-day service was available only in Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan and Darien. Now — thanks to new headquarters in the Bronx — FreshDirect is expanding here (and Fairfield, Southport and Norwalk).

The FreshDirect website says that it does not deliver to zip code “06880.”

But “06880” readers know that’s stale news.

9 responses to “FreshDirect Expands To Westport

  1. Dear all Westport friends,

    Welcome to me world of convenience. Let me help you out with a link that gets you (and me) $25 off on your first order!

    With love,


  2. Laurie Goldberg

    Gosh, I wish following the link (and thanks!) actually resulted in making an order, but as of now, it’s a “no”. Any idea when that will change?

  3. “”They give up a lot to come here” ??????? If that’s YOUR statement, Dan, you owe readers and the Town an apology. If it’s someone else’s stupid, insulting and gratuitous statement, let him or her go back where the f—- they came from to get back what they “gave up.”
    Who the hell are you kidding? “…Gave up a lot to come here”??????

  4. Hmmmmm; I do see reference to the lack of a Duane Reed on each corner but that tongue in cheek mention fails, I think, to overcome the thought that moving here requires “giving up”anything at all….how lucky are we all who live here, to be able to do so…no one thinks that more than you, Dan.

  5. Robert Mitchell

    FYI, Duane Reed is owned by Walgreens.