Photo Challenge #219

Last week’s gorgeous , snowy and sparkling winter scene could have been taken many places in Westport. That’s the beauty of our town.

But — as Barbara Greenspan, Fred Cantor, Rebecca Ellsley and Andrew Colabella noted — Michael Tomashefsky shot his lovely image of the Saugatuck River on Ford Road. It’s one of the prettiest spots anywhere. (Ever since the embalming fluid factory left, it’s a lot more pristine too.)

Click here for the photo. And don’t forget to drive along Ford Road — slowly — whenever you get a chance.

This week’s Photo Challenge may be one of those I-know-I’ve-seen-it-somewhere images. If you think you know where in Westport it is, click “Comments” below.

21 responses to “Photo Challenge #219

  1. The building at the corner of Imperial and Post Rd?

  2. John L Krause

    Masonic Hall on the Post Road, at Imperial Ave.

  3. Michael Calise

    At the Mason’s Hall

  4. John L Krause

    Masonic Hall on the Post Road at Imperial Avenue.

  5. Brian Taylor

    WWI doughboy monument, across from town hall.

  6. Andrew Colabella

    It’s Masonic hall but I’ve always wondered the meaning behind it

  7. Jonathan McClure

    On the Masonic Hall – Imperial Ave & Post Rd

  8. Elaine Marino

    You can see photos of how the sculpture was installed on the facade of 210 Post Road East a few months ago:

  9. Harding funeral home also where the Masonic Temple is post Road imperial

  10. The funeral parlor on the southwest corner of Imperial and the Post Road.

  11. Alan Goldberg

    Masonic Temple, now funeral home corner Imperial Ave and Post Rd.

  12. Diane Silfen

    I’m going to guess the Harding Funeral Home building

  13. Peter Barlow

    Will anyone EXPLAIN the emblem ?????

  14. It is indeed the sculpture on the front of the Masonic Lodge #65 building (with Harding Funeral Home on the ground floor), 210 Post Road East at the corner of Imperial Avenue.

    The sculpture is the Masons’ symbol. It depicts the square and compass used by stonemasons. (Freemasons trace their origins to 14th century stonemasons.) The “G” — sometimes used in the symbol, sometimes not — refers to either “geometry” or “Great Architect of the Universe” (God).

  15. Suzanne Ford

    Is it from Masonic Hall above Harding funeral Home on the corner of Post Rd. and Imperial?

  16. Masonic Temple on Post Road

  17. James Leonard

    Masons Lodge, corner of Imperial and the Post road..both my dad and grandfather were members

  18. If anyone has questions about Freemasonry, I may be able to help!