Pic Of The Day #680

John Videler’s drone shots have earned raves from “06880” readers. They are breathtakingly beautiful. And they force us to look at very familiar scenes in new, unique ways.

This shot of Compo Beach, Soundview Drive, Schlaet’s Point and environs may be his best yet. If you thought you knew the shore: Think again.

All of John’s drone shots (and more) are available for purchase. Click here for a 21st-century slice of timeless Westport.

(Drone image by John Videler/Videler Photography)

4 responses to “Pic Of The Day #680

  1. Fascinating.

  2. Wo2

  3. Dan, u know I don’t comment too often, but I read and enjoy your posts every day. Veeds is the best. Love that guy and the images he captures! Thanks for sharing 😊

  4. stunning!!!!