Mystic Market Opens Wednesday

When the Blu Parrot closed in 2013, Saugatuck lost a great venue for live music.

For more than 4 years, the Charles Street property — the gateway to Westport off I-95 Exit 17, and for decades the site of the beloved Arrow restaurant — sat vacant. Weeds grew near boarded-up windows.

Then Mystic Market announced they’d move in. Area residents — many of whom still mourn the loss of Peter’s Bridge Market — rejoiced. Those who knew of Mystic’s 3 other locations in eastern Connecticut were particularly pleased.

Mystic Market, on Charles Street.

Mystic Market touts “gourmet quality products, at marketplace prices.” They offer groceries, soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches, grinders, a coffee bar, and a bakery serving breakfast goods, breads and desserts. Catering is also available.

That was November 2017. “A spring opening is planned,” “06880” cheerily reported.

Spring 2018 came and went. So did summer, fall and most of winter. Spring 2019 is exactly 28 days away.*

But good things are worth waiting for. Owner Charles Spathakis says they’ve passed their health inspection. They should get their certificate of occupancy on Tuesday. They’re shooting to open the next day.

Final work is being done now. The interior looks great. The state-of-the-art kitchen gleams. Staff is being trained.

The Saugatuck arrow definitely points in the right direction.

* Hallelujah!

Biscotti are ready for sale.

4 responses to “Mystic Market Opens Wednesday

  1. The poor building was tired and forlorn. Now it looks great- good luck to them!

  2. Charles Street is where Tarrytown used to be, the street going straight off the northbound 95 ramps ending at Tutti’s. I have no memory of the Blu Parrot or the Arrow Restaurant.

  3. We’ve been going to both Mystic Markets in Mystic for years. They are both fantastic! This is going to be such a welcome addition. Local stores of the same ilk best step up their game and fast….

  4. Your new Mystic Market will likely have an advantage over the two Mystic locations – more room to park and easier to exit.