Pic Of The Day #670

Winslow Park — without dogs (Photo/Rachel Bassick)

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #670

  1. I go every day. I wish you had taken pictures of where all the destruction from the clean up crew in big trucks drive over the grass along the walk wals and leave huge tire treads creating mud all along the asphalt we walk. It was never like that. Seems cowboys drive thru there on a joy ride. Deep tire tracks in areas that used to grass. Now all mud and destruction. I do plan on taking pics and discussing with Parks and Rec.

    • You should see what Parks & Rec just allowed to happen in Barons South: I estimate about 1000 yards of fill from the Senior Center expansion project were dumped into a once scenic meadow dotted with majestic 90 year old trees. Now it looks like a landfill. And the trees? They were all chopped down to make way for the fill. No permit for the massive grade change, of course. But the muddy runoff heading for the river sure is interesting. So much for all that talk about Barons South being “one of the crown jewels of Westport”. Good luck with your complaint.