Photo Challenge #214

Last week’s Photo Challenge was so challenging, it first fooled even the reader who eventually got the right answer.

And he works there.

Amy Schneider’s image showed a weathervane — a trail direction post — at Earthplace. Jaime Bairaktaris helps with the youth program there. He loves the place. (Click here for the photo.)

But he first pegged the vane at Christie’s Country Store. Other folks guessed Wakeman Town Farm, Greens Farms Congregational Church, the Senior Center, fire stations, Police headquarters, and Gilbertie’s Herbs & Garden Center.

Jaime is one of the most observant Westporters I know. The photos he shares on “06880” are wonderful. It’s clear he’s got a great eye, and he loves this town.

He was a bit embarrassed at not identifying the Earthplace photo immediately. He shouldn’t be. That just means he’s spending all his time looking out for the kids in his care.

This week’s Photo Challenge comes courtesy of John Pollak. If you know where in Westport you’d see it, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/John Pollak)

11 responses to “Photo Challenge #214

  1. Andrew Colabella

    Lock to the entrance of the Skate Park at a Compo Beach.

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    I would have to go to Compo to confirm it, but that looks like the skateboard thing in the background.

  3. Skate lard park. Compo.

  4. Sorry. Skateboard park…..

  5. I’ll have to trust those who identified the location so quickly, because it’s been years since my daughter was young enough to use the skateboard park. But what caught my eye in the photo was the padlock: very ingenious by someone to brand it, [open] Sesamee.

  6. Very first thought seeing this…. It looks like a locked gate at Compo Beach.
    Not sure of location: possible spots brick pavilion area, marina, fencing around skate park or the new fencing at new construction project next to the courts and skate park (Is this the special new bathrooms? I thought they would be across from the skate park/courts along the tree line?)

    By the way, side note to Dan. I noticed a young woman wearing a Field Trip Jerky t-shirt. I mentioned I read about this company on Dan’s 06880 blog.
    “Yes, I work for the company now and actually Dan was my teacher in Staples. Great guy.” “When he posted that article about us our sales exploded”

  7. You are all correct: the skate park at Compo. Well done!

    And thanks, Wendy, for the props. Which reminds me: “06880” readers, if you haven’t yet checked out the Field Trip jerky store across from Design Within Reach on the Post Road, go! It’s a very cool place, for sure.

  8. The raised courts at Longshore?

  9. skate board park at the beach