Photo Challenge #213

Maybe the lousy weather meant everyone was binge-watching Netflix or making fires. Maybe everyone was away for Martin Luther King Day weekend. Or maybe everyone who leaves Granola Bar is so excited about their granola bars that they don’t look around.

Those are some reasons I came up with to explain the dearth of responses — and, after more than 24 hours, only one correct one — to last week’s Photo Challenge. (Congrats, Jay Dirnberger!)

Elaine Marino’s image showed a mysterious crop circle-like scene, all green and gray. It sure looked like an aerial shot.

It wasn’t. It was the design in the median strip at Playhouse Square — you know, the one right outside Granola Bar.

Click here to see Elaine’s photo. Then get ready to click “Comments” to answer this week’s Challenge.

It should be easier than last week’s. At least, you have to look up instead of down.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

14 responses to “Photo Challenge #213

  1. Actually, it look like the weathervane on my roof. But I live in Fairfield.

  2. There’s possibility this is a new weathervane because the copper hasn’t changed color.
    Is this weathervane new with real copper or just decorative?
    So is this weathervane on an existing structure or a newly built/renovated structure?
    Also needs a backdrop of pine trees.
    Just some thoughts and questions that came to mind

  3. On the roof at 134 Cross Highway (Wakeman Town Farm).

  4. Perhaps it’s the weathervane that use to be at the top of the steeple of the Green’s Farms Church. I believe that the weathervane is now in the inner courtyard of the GF Church.

  5. Since its new is it at the Senior Center?

  6. I don’t think it’s new.

  7. Westport Fire Stations
    Westport Police Department
    Gilberties on Sylvan Rd
    Thinking of places I drive by on a regular basis

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