Pic Of The Day #650

Manhattan skyline, from Beachside Avenue (Photo/David Squires)

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  1. What a wonderful God we have

  2. Holy cow! I had no idea you could see so many buildings in Manhattan from Westport.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      That was my thought too!

      In all my years living in Westport, and sailing or boating the sound, I’ve never experienced a view like this.


  3. Wow.. never knew it could be seen so far away.. never lived in Beachside. Beautiful ☀️

    • Most days you can’t see any buildings in New York. It has to be very clear with low humidity. I saw the twin towers of the World Trade Center from
      Sherwood Island the morning they fell.

      • Sharon Paulsen

        Wow, you saw that “live” from Sherwood, while it was happening?

        Would be interested to hear more about your visual experience of it.

        • Sharon: A bit late with a reply. Actually I only saw the second tower fall. I had been at home hearing WNYC when the announcer interrupted what he was reading to say something like, “Wow, a plane just flew by very low.” Very soon we knew what that was. I drove over to Sherwood Island where several people had gathered. It was not known then if this was terrorism or an accident. Only when the second tower fell was it obvious.

          • Sharon Paulsen

            Thanks for sharing that, Peter.

            I remember being at work in Westport, and we happened to be listening to Howard Stern that morning.

            The gravity of the situation didn’t truly hit us either, until “the 2nd plane”.

            Wish we’d all had the idea to close up shop and head over to Sherwood, but none of us had any idea it could have been visible from the shoreline at that time.

  4. cool photo!

  5. It’s one of the reasons why the 9-11 memorial is at Sherwood Isl. State Park. Because you can see the NYC skyline from there.

  6. Nice shot David!

  7. Omg i love this photo

  8. There’s only a handful of days when you can “clearly see” the skyline with the naked eye, mostly in the Fall & Winter. This one was Exceptional, and it’s always quite thrilling to me! So close…. yet so far!
    PS, this pix is sooo much more powerful on a full screen (as opposed to a tiny phone screen).

  9. In the right spot you can see some of the NYC skyline from Compo too. Those years ago, on clear days, I enjoyed spotting the WTC towers, intrigued by their much shorter appearance, as they rose above the gentle curve of the earth. David Squires, that’s a spectacular shot.

  10. Tod’s Point beach in Greenwich has one of the best views of the city from FFC, for anyone looking for a good spot.

  11. Extraordinary! Thanks