All Invited To Senior Center Super Bowl Party

As anyone who has been to the Westport Senior Center knows, it’s not a place where zombies sit around all day, watching TV. (In fact, there are no TVs at all.)

Our Senior Center hums with activity and life. There are talks and discussions about every topic imaginable. There are classes in art, computers, cooking and dozens of other subjects. There’s yoga, Zumba, a fitness center and 8 TRX stations.

Trouble is, not enough non-seniors get to the Senior Center.

Tomorrow, you get your chance.

Westporters of all ages are invited to a Super Bowl party. From 1 to 4 p.m. you can eat and drink; play games and win prizes; enter a guess-the-final-score contest, and meet the Staples High School state champion field hockey team, plus Staples and PAL cheerleaders.

Tomorrow is a day for football — and meeting the state champion Staples High School field hockey team.

There will be tours of the new addition to the facility. Lynn Goldberg — who helped lead the project — will be honored too.

It’s an inter-generational event. Seniors — especially those with grandchildren far away — love seeing young Westporters. Kids without local grandparents can enjoy a family gathering.

And who doesn’t like free hot dogs, chips, dips and cake?

No one knows who will win tomorrow’s Super Bowl. But it’s clear: Westport’s Senior Center attracts champions of all ages.

3 responses to “All Invited To Senior Center Super Bowl Party

  1. Not many people know that the meals at the Westport Senior Center are sponsored by Catholic Charities of Fairfield County. I found that out years ago when we went to the center.

    • Yes, Catholic Chairities has been currently awarded the contract from the Southwestern CT Agency on Aging who receives the funds from the federal and state governments.
      Sue Pfister, Director

      • As an ex-Catholic (born in the magnificent Queen of Angels hospital in LA, which is now used for filming hospital-oriented TV shows like ER), I have to say, God Bless the Catholics. My doc’s receptionist was just telling me about the terrific Calvary hospice hospital in the Bronx. He brought a doc he used to work with there, and when they asked what she wanted for lunch, as a kind of joke, she said, “Lobster.” He was totally shocked when they brought her lobster!