Giant Typewriter Eraser: The Sequel

This morning, “06880” reported that the 19-foot, 10,000-pound typewriter eraser sculpture that’s entertained Beachside Avenue drivers and joggers for more than 20 years has relocated to Florida.

The story quickly made its way south. This afternoon, a spokesman for Norton Museum of Art — its new West Palm Beach home — emailed a photo of the installation.

(Photo/Rachel Richardson)

And hey! I learned something else:

It’s sitting in Heyman Plaza.

Artists’ rendering by foster + partners.

The area outside the museum honors Sam and Ronnie Heyman. She’s a Norton trustee.

And — this is no coincidence — they’re the Beachside Avenue couple who donated the massive, quirky Claes Oldenburg/Coosje van Bruggen sculpture to the museum.

I guess like many Westporters, “Typewriter Eraser, Scale X” is a snowbird at heart.

5 responses to “Giant Typewriter Eraser: The Sequel

  1. It’s found a welcoming home, no doubt, but I think it’s homesick for old grassy environs with trees for a backdrop.

  2. I was recently told by someone that either that house, or one very nearby, was originally home to J.C. Penney. Any info on this? Always thought the art in these yards were very cool.

    • Pretty sure J.C.Penney lived at 55 Beachside Ave. around the corner

    • Peter Barlow

      Yes, if it’s the house I think, J. C. Penny did live there. I was in that house once and was surprised it didn’t go back further – it’s all view of the water.

  3. Hilarious! All roads lead to “06880,” for sure!