Remembering Faith Hope Consolo

Faith Hope Consolo — a major New York City retail real estate broker who handled luxury clients like Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent, and represented landlords like Larry Silverstein and Donald Trump — died December 23 in Manhattan. She was 73.

Faith Hope Consolo

According to the New York Times, “despite her larger-than-life persona, Ms. Consolo was exceedingly private, and many details about her personal life remain unknown — even to those closest to her.”

One detail: Adam Sidel, whose father Jerome lived with her for decades, said he did not know much about her, “as surprising as that may be, considering she was effectively my stepmother.” He did not even know if his father married Consolo, although she was known as Mrs. Sidel in her personal life.

Another Times detail:

An only child, she was born in Shaker Heights, Ohio, on July 25, 1945, and moved to Westport, Conn., as a young girl. Her father, John, who ran a real estate business, died when she was 2; her mother, Jill, a child psychiatrist, died when she was 12; and she was raised mostly by her grandmother, according to Joseph Aquino, who was her business partner for 26 years.

Let’s add more details to her life, and obituary. If you remember Faith Hope Consolo from Westport — or worked with her in the New York City retail real estate world — click “Comments” below.

(Hat tip: Dick Lowenstein)

6 responses to “Remembering Faith Hope Consolo

  1. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    What a rough beginning. Her grandmother must have been a wonderful influence.

  2. What a great mystery. Hope you find out more, Dan

  3. My son worked for her in the 70s. He said she was “tough as nails, but you had to be.”

  4. I’m sure I knew herb. Junior high I think. Never would have guessed she’d do that well.

    Carol L Barrett


  5. I shared your post with my sister who interned for Faith around 2009. She shared the following remembrance: Faith was tough and inspiring and at the same time, so kind to me. Even though I had no experience at all, she hired me as an intern and was so appreciative of my work ethic that she always made me want to work harder. She was a terrific boss and a wonderful mentor.

  6. I had a few business related interactions with Faith over the years and she was a “Class Act.” She will be greatly missed in the NYC high end retail market.

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