Unsung Heroes #80

On Monday night, the frenzy of holiday preparations was over.

Gifts were bought and wrapped. Trees were trimmed. Even the stockings had been hung by the chimney (with care).

Christmas Eve was a time to relax.

Unless you were working.

Home for the holidays? Not everyone.

Police officers, firefighters, EMTs — all were on call, on duty, away from their families. For many who serve in Westport, those families live quite a ways away.

Doctors, nurses, technicians and orderlies were working too. And all those people employed in nursing homes.

Plus cooks, wait staff and dishwashers, at restaurants that offered a Christmas Eve meal.

Of course, clergy and church staff were on the clock as well.

Some of those same folks worked yesterday — Christmas — itself.

And it’s all repeated next Monday, on New Year’s Eve. (Except for the religious services.)

Of course, there will be more restaurants and bars open.

Those trains don’t run themselves.

Not to mention everyone working on Metro-North, for the revelers going to Times Square.

Trust me, the return trip is not one you sign up for.

So to all everyone who was on the job Christmas Eve, or Christmas day. And all those who will work New Year’s Eve:

Thanks for being there for us. We don’t always thank you — or even know who you are.

You’re all this week’s Unsung Heroes, for sure.

14 responses to “Unsung Heroes #80

  1. Jacque O'Brien

    Bravo Dan! We’re so lucky to have them all!

  2. Robert Mitchell


  3. Thank you Dan for always being on duty for Westport! Happy New Year!
    Ed Gerber

  4. I agree I want thank our cops firefighters and emts public works and parks and recreation they all work hard and I also think they should be able to get there pensions others in town do not want that don’t just praise them come out and support them the town and our first selectman don’t want them to get a pension if he does not we should take his away call him and tell him you support them

  5. Sally Campbell Palmer.

    Totally agree…a big Thank you!

  6. Kathleen Stuart

    Yes they are and hopefully they get holiday pay and overtime pay as they well deserve to help their own families

  7. Thank Thee😎
    Dan Please tell us about the “return trip”

  8. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    My husband appreciates you acknowledging the clergy. They work very hard Christmas Eve, not so much New Year’s Eve.

  9. Westport Police were total unsung heros having to deal with the rash of car and house thefts in and around our Gorham Avenue neighborhood. Big thanks to our Police Department for their immediate attention. Officers were called in, on their time off, to deal with these crimes. Yes, it is their job and it just goes with the territory, but it is a job of service and dedication. Thank you again, Westport Police , for your dedicated service and we appreciate the incredible personal demands and sacrifices each officer makes, on all our behalf, this Holiday Season …,and …for that matter…each and every day.