Hallelujah! Enjoy Today’s Holiday Gift.

Santa has his elves. The Staples High School music department has Jim Honeycutt.

Though he retired in 2016, the video production teacher returned this month to coordinate video coverage of the Candlelight Concert.

Now — with help from Mike Phillis, Kevin Maxwell and 6 mics hung around the auditorium — Candlelight fans around the globe can enjoy the 78th annual show.

Highlights include the traditional “Welcome Yule” and “Sing We Noel” processional, in slightly different staging; a superb orchestral arrangement of “Stille Nacht”; a lovely vocal version of “O Tannenbaum”; a clever original production number, and of course the finale: the “Hallelujah Chorus,” complete with hundreds of musicians and many alumni.

Merry Christmas! Unwrap this gift carefully. It’s precious!

4 responses to “Hallelujah! Enjoy Today’s Holiday Gift.

  1. Thank you Dan!!
    The program is just as spectacular as it was in 1969!!! 🎄

  2. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    Thank you Dan. It is even better than the late 50’s when I was a part.
    You made my day and made me cry. Love the fact that alumni are invited to join in. Makes me want to be there next year.

  3. Sue Sweetnam Asetta

    Thank you Dan!! What a fantastic memory! Amazing how our brain works..remembered every note. At Dr. Weigle’s funeral, the family invited all to sing

  4. Liz Doyle Boyd

    Spectacular! One of my best memories of growing up in Westport.