Pic Of The Day #616

Merry Christmas, from “06880” to you!

26 responses to “Pic Of The Day #616

  1. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Merry Christmas, Dan. Thanks for the great photo and a great year on 06880.

  2. and to you a healthy, happy, fun, exciting and successful New Year…..

  3. Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year !!

  4. Thanks Dan…back at you! Love this community of happy people!

  5. Merry Christmas, Dan! Thanks for this wonderful picture and especially for all you do for Westport! You’re amazing!


  7. Patricia Driscoll

    Merry Christmas, Dan! Love the picture.

  8. Have a wonderful Christmas on A’Phabet Day.

  9. Michele Smolen

    Happy, Happy Holidays DAN. May your year ahead be filled with all your much,much deserved desires.
    The still, though ex, Westporter

  10. Audrey Doniger

    And a merry and a happy to you Dan…I look forward every day to 06880

  11. Charles Taylor

    Merry Christmas Dan

  12. J Scott Broder

    Merry Christmas Dan πŸŽ„
    Thank you for another year of waking up to 06880✨
    Always appreciated and one of the special resources you’ve created of WESTPORT.
    Wishing you and yours health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year 2019πŸ’₯

    Warmest wishes,
    Scott & Julia

  13. Merry Christmas to all.
    Love the pic! Westies are near and dear
    To my heart.

  14. Thanks to all, for all the best wishes! Ho ho ho!

  15. Merry Christmas Dan.

    Sue and Bart

  16. Richard Webb Jr

    Merry Christmas Dan thanks for all you do!

  17. Dennis Stahursky

    Thanks Dan. Best Wishes to you…

  18. Deb Holliday Kintigh

    Wishing you peace, health, love and a year of wondrous adventures!

  19. Sharon Paulsen

    Merry Christmas & Thank you, Dan, for another year of awesome 06880! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

  20. Juliie Fatherley

    Thank you, Dan, for all you give to our community. Your energy is amazing and you bring so many marvelous aspects of our town to us. Love
    this charming photograph….Julie Fatherley

  21. Doris Levinson

    Merry Christmas and a big thank you for wonderful 06880.

  22. Elizabeth Moore

    Merry Christmas Dan!
    Cheers, Elizabeth

  23. And thank you Dan, for every day of “06880”. You’ve chronicled another Westport Year for posterity!

  24. Michael Don Sullivan

    Merry Christmas to you Dan! From Brattleboro VT! I miss Westport everyday, but you always keep me in the know! I enjoy keeping up everyday! Best to you in the New Year Dan. Mike Sullivan