Unsung Hero #79

The other day, alert — and compassionate — “06880” reader Elaine Marino sent me an email.

Earlier that morning, she said, she dropped off her husband at the Greens Farms train station.

Elaine noticed a woman who had just gotten off the train. She began walking, and turned left on Greens Farms Road, toward Morningside Drive.

Green’s Farms train station.

Elaine pulled over and asked, “Can I give you a ride?” The woman gladly got in the car.

Elaine drove her to a house on a side street, just past the Sherwood Island Connector. Her name was Maria, and she was very grateful.

That was not the first time Elaine gave a ride to someone walking from the train station. For the past several years she’s done it for people who are household staff — nannies, cleaners, gardeners —  who don’t have a ride from the train to their destination.

Elaine Marino

“I have met lovely people this way,” Elaine says. “I have never felt unsafe. It gives me a good feeling to help someone — especially in below-freezing temperatures. It would be great if even more people did this.”

Elaine did not expect me to name her this week’s Unsung Hero. She just wanted more Westporters to be aware of needs like this in our midst — and to reach out and help those who need it.

I’m sure she’s not the only one who has done something like this.

But I’m also sure there are many more — like me — who have not.

Thanks, Elaine, for stopping, and caring. And for reminding us all to do the same.

17 responses to “Unsung Hero #79

  1. Awesome Elaine!

  2. I think that is so incredibly kind of Elaine but it got me to thinking; why don’t the employers of these household helpers pick up and drop off their employees at the train station? A 1/2 hour walk in the freezing cold with distracted drivers whizzing by, takes less than 10 minutes in a well-heated car.

  3. Anyone who knows Elaine knows that this is only a small example of her kindness and generosity. She’s a very special person! Thank you for all you do, Elaine!

  4. Lauren Barnett

    she is a gem!

  5. Juliie Fatherley

    “Come pass” with me into a gesture of outreach and caring to those who have to stand in the cold in unfamiliar turf with family awaiting or
    another job.. A friendly hand is a “compPASSionate” gesture and can be
    life saving or at least time saving for some of these individuals who have
    other jobs and families to return to as fast as they can.

  6. Good for her! I hope to have the chance to do the same.

  7. Elaine’s the best!

  8. Elaine is truly a one of a kind, and a personal role model. I have periodically done the same thing, and I agree that if we all help another along on their journey it blesses everyone. The world can feel pretty dark these days, and Elaine, and others like her, are the stars in the sky that remind us of the light!

  9. We live off of Imperial Avenue. My husband and I used to commute to NY on a daily basis for over 33 years.
    I always wondered why someone wouldn’t stop and ask if I needed a ride especially when they witnessed me hiffing and puffing to make a train. Couldn’t they see I was trying to make a train because I missed the bus!
    So we made a pack to stop and pick up people if we were driving that direction.
    Most people were so thankful. What a great way of meeting new neighbors

  10. Bill Boyd... Staples 66

    Good job Elaine! Back in my youth I hitchhiked a lot..including CT to North Carolina and across Europe…but it doesn’t feel as safe as it once did.

  11. Elaine is indeed this kind of person, always giving without expecting anything in return. God bless.

  12. So great – I have done the same. It would also be great if Westporters picked up those helping them. I know that sometimes you may not be able to leave the house because you have little ones, don’t drive yourself or are already at work……but how about arranging a taxi or Uber especially in this cold weather.

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  13. If you were given a description of this kind act and asked which Westporter would be most likely to offer a ride to a stranger, Elaine Marino would be at the top of the list. She makes this town a better place.

  14. Let’s think about what kind of person would have in his/her employ someone without means of getting from the station to the house and not either pick ’em up or supply taxi fare…that’s the amazing part…giving a ride to the rideless ain’t such a big deal…who would NOT do that?

  15. Annette Norton

    Thank you Dan for once again letting us know the back story of what is going on behind the scenes in Westport. This story about Elaine is truly heartwarming, such a kind person! I especially liked the part where she said she has never felt unsafe. Reminding us all not to prejudge, so refreshing. Cheers to Elaine and a Happy New Year to all!

  16. Elaine is truly an unsung hero! Thanks, Elaine and Dan!