Adios, Chipotle

First there were dos.

Soon there will be cero.

Chipotle — the design-your-own burritos, tacos and bowls place in Compo Acres Shopping Center — will close next week.

An employee confirmed the news. The manager was not available for comment.

Chipotle follows Qdoba out of town. The similar fast-casual Mexican spot at the entrance to Playhouse Square closed in June.

Don’t worry. There are still over 2,400 Chipotles around the globe. And nearly 800 Qdobas.

Don’t want to travel far for Mexican fare?

Right here in Westport you’ve got your choice of Bartaco, Rio Bravo, Señor Salsa, Border Grille and Cuatro Hermanos.

And — of course — the granddaddy of them all: Viva Zapata.

It’s been around, I think, since Emiliano Zapata himself led the Mexican Revolution.

19 responses to “Adios, Chipotle

  1. Rio Bravo!

  2. Melissa Crouch Chang

    Yes, don’t forget Rio Bravo!

  3. Also Rio Bravo

  4. Thanks – I just added Rio Bravo in to the story. My bad!

  5. Also, Rio Bravo on PRE heading toward Southport! It’s a good place!

  6. You forgot Rio Bravo!

  7. Elizabeth Thibault

    This doesn’t shock me at all. I literally just came from this location as a special treat to my son. The staff was sullen and acted like it was a burden to assist us, the music was so loud we had difficulty being heard, the entire beverage and dining area was a hot mess, and finally the food was way subpar – crunchy rice and lukewarm rice and meat. (I gave Chipotle the feedback also.) It was such a poor experience, I told my son we would NOT be returning to this location, no matter his protestations.

    • William Gibson

      Really, Elizabeth?? I was there on Saturday and on Wednesday (dinner and lunch, respectively). In fact, Saturday, it was packed! The service has always been consistently good, the volume of the music is NOT overbearing, The food and drinks are without any doubt the best Mexican food in Westport; the food is ALWAYS delivered on hot plates, and the waiters warn people about the fact. I am sorry that you did not have a similar experience. Might I suggest that you try it again?

      • Shannon Nordlinger

        I think she’s talking about Chipotle. I’ve always enjoyed our meals at Rio Bravo as well. 🙂

      • Elizabeth Thibault

        Yep, Shannon is correct, my comments are about Chipotle, hence the reason I gave *them* feedback about our experience.
        We love dining in at Rio Bravo and Señor Salsas and have never had a bad experience in either. However, when you need a quick hit before basketball practice, the other options won’t always work.

  8. Joan Tricarico

    I’ll miss it because it was fast, easy and good. However, the staff in the Westport location wasn’t trained properly. The Fairfield Chipotle has a much better set up.

  9. Timothy McNeill

    Don’t forget Rio Bravo! It’s a nice place for families.

  10. Rio Bravo is another good one, where the old bowling alley used to be. Been a family favorite for years.


    • They were suppose to open across from Kings Highway School on Post Rd. I saw the sign ‘Coming Soon’. I noticed during early spring (2018) time the door was open and it looked like they were getting ready to reopen.
      Then all of sudden the sign came down at the end of the summer.

  12. Matthew Mandell

    Rio Bravo as well.

  13. Arline Gertzoff

    Have always enjoyed Rio Bravo Friendly bar tender ,tasty dishes ,and a great deal with a Groupon

  14. I know about Rio Bravo. I added it in to the story, and posted that info above. I guess nobody reads the comments before they comment!

  15. Has Viva’s improved at all? Used to be a regular but food quality went down hill and service went lower than I even thought possible as that blond hostess got crazier and crazier.