Mystery Object #13

Cheese triers (or cheese corers) were invented in the 19th century. They have one purpose: to see if a wheel of cheese was properly aged.

The tool extracts a small, round sample from the center of a wheel of cheese. After testing, the sample is inserted back into the wheel. A seal forms, so the cheese can continue aging if necessary.

Cheese triers have remained relatively unchanged over the years. They continue to be used today by cheese makers and buyers.

Cheese trier

This was the Westport Historical Society’s most recent mystery object. It’s part of their ongoing “Westport in 100 Objects” exhibit. Every 2 weeks, the WHS displays something new. If you stop in and identify it, you can win something from the gift shop.

Unfortunately, no one knew what a cheese trier. I guess we just gotta “try” harder.

6 responses to “Mystery Object #13

  1. Michael Brennecke

    Fruit corer

  2. Someone needs to invent one of these for checking out the fillings in the assorted chocolate candies that are so prevalent at Christmastime. That way you could avoid taking a bite and realizing too late that the filling is that dry, grainy coconut glop.

  3. Rebecca Ellsley

    Will- I AGREE! The Vermont Store sell the candy sampler corer. I think it should be mandatory with a box of assorted chocolates. But I am happy to take your coconut for my soft orange flavored ….YUCK.

  4. Rebecca. Before I retired, I was with a large law firm. Every other Friday, the firm would order in boxes of donuts for the coffee bar on each of our floors. We had a senior partner who was notorious for prying apart filled donuts (he thought that he was not being observed) to see what was inside. If the filling was not one that he wanted, he would close the breach and try to pinch a seam with his fingers to hide the damage. He might do this two or three times before hitting paydirt. There were several reactions to his culinary misbehavior. First, everyone hoped that he washed his hands. Second, we were thankful that he used his hands and not his teeth to do his test runs. Anyway, I will ask Santa to bring this gentleman a donut trier.