Pic Of The Day #598


Sylvan Lane South, near Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens — site of the Winter Farmers’ Market every Saturday. (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #598

  1. That’s a nice picture. Having grown up on Sylvan Road North, I always knew this brook but never gave a thought to where it came from. There was only one possibility. It had to come from Nash’s Pond. It traveled under Kingshighway and the Post Road, flowed southward between the former Bedford Junior High and the one-time Peterson’s Farm and then turned west toward Sylvan Road. Would anyone like to venture a name for this waterway?

    • It’s called Stony Brook.
      It starts in the wetlands in the Cranbury section of Norwalk surrounded by these streets Newtown Ave, Cranbury Rd and Partrick Rd.
      It flows from Norwalk into the White Barn Theater area then south into Westport under Partrick, then past the Nature Center (Earthplace) then under Stony Brook Rd into Nash’s Pond then into Saugatuck River.
      I’ve driven around this area for years but Google Maps helped with the tiny details.
      Dan has written articles about the White Barn Theater.

  2. there is/was a stream flowing into the Saugatuck River, not far from where I studied ( 5 years piano ) at the Westport School Of Music. I used to notice/watch that stream when in that area of Westport.

  3. Need to correct my own grammar. Nash’s Pond was created by damming, not damning, Stony Brook. It wasn’t that bad.

    • I knew what you meant. LoL 😁. It’s cool learning about the history of our area from everyone.