Light Up The Bridge!

Westporters may be in the dark about the future of the William F. Cribari Bridge.

But during the holiday season, the historic span glows with festive lights. Driving across the Saugatuck River — surrounded by colors — is one of our town’s magical moments.

It doesn’t just happen, though. The lights need maintenance. In the past year, they suffered severe damage.

Thankfully, Al’s Angels — the volunteer organization that does so much for needy kids and families — is on the case.

The Cribari Bridge at Christmastime. (Photo/Joel Treisman)

This Saturday night (December 1), they’ll replace the lights. Work begins at 11 p.m.

They need 24 volunteers. They ask helpers to bring their own 10-foot ladder or bucket truck. And cutting pliers.

It’s a big job. The trees and walkway side of the bridge will be decorated first. At 2 a.m. Sunday they’ll work overhead, then finish on the other side.

Al’s Angels supplies all the lights and snap ties. They just need folks who want to keep Westport’s bridge tradition alive — and are willing to work.

If you’re in, email

And dress warmly!

5 responses to “Light Up The Bridge!

  1. What a great team off peaple who make the Christmas and holiday season fun

  2. I love it; a call for help from the community. Growing up in a UK villiage during wartime everyone pitched in, and it created a real sense of community.
    Here’s an opportunity to do the same: bring back that “small town” feeling to Westport.


  4. Mary Anne Liesner

    I will send you undates on the lights!


  5. Attention Al’s Angels Bridge Volunteers…Due to the storm coming on Saturday night…we are cancelling our work on the bridge lighting for Saturday. Please stay ready…we are currently working with the Westport PD to see if we can do on Sunday night – More details to come. Thanks for your understanding.

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