Pic Of The Day #581

Ignoring a “No Parking” sign on Saugatuck Shores (Photo/Lou Mall)

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #581

  1. Sad scene…. once a proud sailing vessel, I’m sure.
    I thought someone volunteered their services to pull this boat..? Refurbish?

  2. Wow.Would make a great oil painting.

  3. Ann Marie Flynn

    Is that another Westporter’s parking bit….maybe they couldn’t find the
    Parking lane markers!

  4. Joanne Wallenstein

    Back in late Oct. the owner of the boat put out an appeal for monetary help on Facebook which generated some activity around fund raising. I believe he needed to raise $10K to get it towed. I believe there was also an effort being made by some who could help get the boat off the land. Not sure what’s happened but it’s sad to see the boat lying there in its current condition. It’s sad around.

    • Robbie Guimond

      A proposal was sent to Mr. Train and the PD / Town. Both have substantial issues to resolve before an attempt can be made. (keyword attempt). One of those is a permanent destination so it does not return to the mooring and end up on the hard again. Another is permission to access it with heavy equipment over private and public land and at a bare minimum cover expenses. Please keep in mind just getting this equipment to the site is expensive even at cost, not to mention man power ,rigging ,support equipment etc.
      Imho this is a fair assessment of what’s needed to get her floating and gone. iI either party does not accomplish what’s needed, why even try to make an attempt? Currently she’s safe.. although unsightly. Another factor to consider is this boat might not hold up to the stresses placed on it so if she becomes unseaworthy a contingency plan will be needed. this in itself is a huge hurdle . If it was easy it would be gone already. There are very generous people extending themselves to accomplish the goal. Try to be patient.

  5. Ed owes us an update. His derelict vessel has been rotting away and leaking on shore for more than two months now.