[UPDATE] Be Careful Out There!

Alert — and cautious — “06880” reader Robin Gusick reports:

This is Post Road East by Compo Shopping Center, going up the hill near CVS.

Tons of cars are stuck with their hazard lights on, scattered all over the road. I have never seen anything like it.

Drive safely!

Robin added this PS a few minutes after I posted her story:

My husband Dave and son Sam rescued me by getting my “stuck” car into the bank parking lot. Now we have 2 cars in the Wells Fargo lot, and no way to get home.

We decided to make lemonade out of lemons.  We walked across the street to enjoy a meal and drinks at Little Kitchen. There are many other patrons here in the same boat.

This is one way to help Westport businesses! Now it’s back to my jalapeño margarita, and shrimp with garlic sauce!

6 responses to “[UPDATE] Be Careful Out There!

  1. Do the emergency flashers help for better traction?

  2. LOL @Matt.
    If you’ve never seen anything like it, then you’re new to the area, huh?

  3. Michelle Benner

    Thank you Dan & Robin!
    And Matt and John, hehe 😀

  4. Catherine Hurwitz

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  5. Seriously people – Snow tires. You don’t need AWD, you don’t need a truck, you need tires designed for grip on snow and ice. It’s a world of difference. Your “all season” tires are a compromise in all seasons, and are particularly ill suited for snow and ice. Snow tires are cheaper than fender benders, take less time to put on than you will spend stuck, and they make your regular tires last longer (because you use them less). The contact patch between your tires and the ground is the only thing keeping you on the road at all times, tires are the most important thing on your car.

    My little old Subaru with no electronic traction control can do rings around your SUV because I spent $500 on snow tires. When I have snow tires on my truck I can leave it in rear wheel drive in the snow most of the time. My wife’s new Subaru is brilliant in the snow, with great traction control and snow tires, it’s like driving on a normal day.