Pics Of The Day #573

Westport photographer Ted Horowitz captured these moving scenes this afternoon, at the Veterans Day ceremony at Town Hall:


(All photos/copyright Ted Horowtiz)



9 responses to “Pics Of The Day #573

  1. Thank you to all who served……..

  2. Happy Veterans Day from one veteran who grew up in Westport, CT 06880!


  4. I might be accused of having an active imagination, but when I look at the first picture where the veteran has his head bowed, I see Abe Lincoln!

  5. Susan Woog Wagner

    Great images!

  6. Bonnie Bradley

    Wonderful, inspiring photos. My little Litchfield County town celebrates every year with a reception to show our appreciation – this year we celebrate today, which works better than a Sunday for most of our Vets. Our town Council on Aging (I’m the secretary) hosts the event at our Senior Center (the old Town Hall!) and we Council members provide all the refreshments.
    It’s always a very moving event since most of the Vets attending share some thoughts and memories of their Service.

    Interesting fact: Seth Warner, leader of the famous Green Mountain Boys was born and grew up in our little town. We’re very proud of all our veterans!

  7. God bless you all for your service

    Maybe the pictures don’t tell the entire story but would have been nice to see some of our youth honoring these brave hero’s… I hope they were there but just not in the photos??

  8. Sandra Calise Cenatiempo

    “The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”
    We thank you Veterans for this and all you have given to achieve it!
    God Bless you and your families!

  9. Just Beautiful. Thank You All!