Who Says You Can’t Have Fun In Westport?

Look what’s coming to Playhouse Square!

(Photo/Dan Woog)

17 responses to “Who Says You Can’t Have Fun In Westport?

  1. Thats funny!

  2. That is just incomplete, right?

  3. That’s too good;)


  4. Thanks for the laugh Dan .lol

  5. The fun ended at 2pm: they hang up the “S”.

  6. Stephanie Mastocciolo


  7. Cool. I need a new rake. And a shovel too.

  8. Very clever Dan

  9. Could be a tough row to hoe! No?

  10. I can’t wait to see what the “more” is.

  11. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    Darn! I’m not in Westport to check it out. Hmmm, how soon can South West get me there?

  12. Bonnie Bradley

    I’m LOL at these witty comments! Westport certainly hasn’t lost its savvy sense of humor – go for it! 😏

  13. the good news: a longtime store decides to relocate within town. the bad news: another veteran of too many floods decides to desert its Main St. roots.

  14. Patrick Pellicone

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