Labyrinth Day Election Walk

Stressed out by all the rhetoric leading up to Election Day? Bombarded by mailings, assaulted by robocalls?

The Westport Unitarian Church invites residents of all political persuasions — and none — to an Election Day labyrinth.

Open from 12 noon to 8 p.m. this Tuesday (November 6) at the handsome sanctuary on 10 Lyons Plains Road, the Blue Lotus Peace Labyrinth experience also includes contemplative music.

A typical labyrinth

According to the church, labyrinth walking is deeply calming. It challenges and shifts walkers’ perspectives.

Labyrinths are ancient and ubiquitous. They’re part of cultures and faith traditions from the early Americas to pre-Christian Europe, from Africa to India and ancient Greece.

NOTE: Labyrinths are not mazes — which are designed to get lost in. Labyrinths have only one path in to the center.

For more information, call 203-227-7205, ext. 14.

3 responses to “Labyrinth Day Election Walk

  1. Our children and I visited the extraordinary, UNESCO Cathedral of Chartres in France, built in the 12th century and walked the labyrinth in its nave with sheer awe. They represent the path of a pilgrim, unlike a maze which gets you lost, but rather, guiding you along “The Way,” to the very center.

    I feel we need to center ourselves and find our way back to peace and harmony beginning, hopefully, with this election.

  2. Fantastic!

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  3. Saugatuck Congregational Church at 245 Post Road East has a labyrinth on their grounds. It can be located to
    the left of the front of the church; it was built by Boy Scout Troop 36 a couple of years ago, and there is a bench nearby, which can be seen as you drive down the Post Road. The labyrinth is always open as it is outside, so come any day and center yourself and find peace. Encourage others to come too because the more people who use it the more energy it transmits.